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Synonyms for unconspicuous

not readily noticed or seen

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1, advantage of our method become unconspicuous, however, this is because the sampling rate is too low to well reconstruct for any algorithm.
The strong crescent-shaped patterns on equator are attributed to the highly oriented crystalline lamellae perpendicular to the flow direction whereas the unconspicuous meridional maximum is attributed to the formation of less shish parallel to the flow direction (16).
It is observed that the discrepancy between the classical TSM and the modified one is unconspicuous in moderate incidence angles.
The cerebral meninges were macroscopically unconspicuous.
However, such an unconspicuous skipper could still be present in the areas (though observations proved otherwise) or in adjacent lands, but its presence in this agroecosystem indicated a habitat expansion since the species seemed that it strictly depended on xerophytic zones (Fontenla y de la Cruz 1992).