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not holy because unconsecrated or impure or defiled

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John's father (James) died in 1879 and is buried in a public grave (apparently unmarked) in the Edgerton Unconsecrated Cemetery.
Catherine claims that we come to communion with bare, dirty, unconsecrated, unworthy hands.
Inspired by the outrage caused by the unconsecrated burial of Lady Truro, Queensberry wrote to one of the leading society journals of the day, Vanity Fair, asking for his ideas to be published.
Yet the very fact that these two gentlemen now find themselves sharing a Passages essay in Art forum--not only because of the coincidence of their dying within a few months of each other last year but also because of certain similarities in their more retrograde viewpoints--is itself a sign that their positions at key moments of transformation in art practice landed them on the "wrong" side of History: It's not quite burial in the unconsecrated side of the cemetery, but no doubt each would have preferred his own private funeral service.
The modern definition differentiates between church graveyards (churchyards) of consecrated soil and cemeteries of communal ground that are unconsecrated.
In this case, it's one built on the unyielding foundations of religious dogma, a subject that should resonate well beyond the boundaries of the unconsecrated Orthodox monastery where the film is set.
The struggle in question here was first of all the result of transgression by unconsecrated producers of the boundaries set by a gentleman's agreement among the London publishers.
Overall, the pervasive threat of the Unconsecrated, the brutality of the Recruiters, and the remarkable bleakness of the setting are the novel's most compelling elements, sure to keep readers consumed .
In the figure of Lena, a love-starved orphan and waif, whose only solace in childhood was the religious teaching that makes her feel guilty for her unconsecrated love as an adult, Conrad creates a poignant portrait of a woman whose harsh upbringing has left her feeling insecure, unworthy, and uncertain of herself.
Scots law does not distinguish between consecrated or unconsecrated ground, so there is no distinction in law between bodies in graveyards and those buried elsewhere, (77) or between Christian and non-Christian dead.
Their bites, infecting the villages (such as Mary's mother) will kill--and those who die will 'return' to be Unconsecrated zombies in their own turn.
Such acts either accrue to the violation of the basic refuge-taking precept, which determines your admission or exclusion from the Buddhist community, or to the sincere abidance to the Tantric dictum that worshipping an unconsecrated image incurs 'violation of Tantric commitments, loss of Mantric power, and failure to relish the fruits of fire rituals' (Rab tu gnas pa mdor bsdus pa'i rgyud, 146v, also Buton Rinchen Drub, Dus 'khor rab gnas, 4).
Reacting to these violations of long-established norms and fears of premature burial, immigrants and colonists in both the Canadas dug up family corpses buried in unconsecrated ground.
DCI Mick Paterson, of North Tyneside area command, said: "Our concerns were finding a human bone on unconsecrated ground.
The body of a 14th-century girl believed to have been decapitated as a witch and dumped into unconsecrated ground has been exhumed and given a proper burial in an English village church's graveyard.