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Synonyms for unconsecrated

not holy because unconsecrated or impure or defiled

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The modern definition differentiates between church graveyards (churchyards) of consecrated soil and cemeteries of communal ground that are unconsecrated.
The struggle in question here was first of all the result of transgression by unconsecrated producers of the boundaries set by a gentleman's agreement among the London publishers.
Regarding permanent images, generally worked in stone or metal, these are either consecrated for regular worship, or remain unconsecrated.
He was sent there at the age of two and said he was burying children in unconsecrated ground just six years later.
He was sent to the Birmingham City Council-run home at the age of just two - and says he was helping bury the tragic children in the unconsecrated ground just six years later.
Reacting to these violations of long-established norms and fears of premature burial, immigrants and colonists in both the Canadas dug up family corpses buried in unconsecrated ground.
DCI Mick Paterson, of North Tyneside area command, said: "Our concerns were finding a human bone on unconsecrated ground.
The body of a 14th-century girl believed to have been decapitated as a witch and dumped into unconsecrated ground has been exhumed and given a proper burial in an English village church's graveyard.
In the distant future, a virus has turned most of the world's population into the Unconsecrated - zombies who will stop at nothing to consume human flesh.
Red Dog, Red Dog begins with the unconsecrated burial of a starved baby and ends with the preparation of another wrecked body for deposit
The finger was removed from the astronomer's body when it was exhumed from his unconsecrated grave and transferred to a mausoleum in a Florentine church in 1737.
The remorseful Albrecht then visits her unconsecrated grave.
With her child now buried in unconsecrated ground, the young woman leaves home and gets a job at a dairy farm, where she is reunited with Angel Clare.
After Communion had been taken, in one kind only, unconsecrated wine was handed out to wash down the Host and the entire Holy Loaf was divided and eaten.