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Synonyms for unconscionable

Synonyms for unconscionable

lacking scruples or principles

vastly exceeding a normal limit, as in cost

Synonyms for unconscionable

lacking a conscience

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greatly exceeding bounds of reason or moderation

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Little Fyne was staying up there an unconscionable time.
Mr Blandois, in his most gentlemanly manner, was afraid he had disturbed her by unhappily presenting himself at such an unconscionable time.
Klint Kesto, R-Commerce Township, is summarized in a legislative analysis by the House Fiscal Agency: Generally speaking, the bill would render a prenuptial agreement unenforceable if certain factors can be proven, such as duress or unconscionable terms.
The ACCC had alleged that Medibank made false, misleading or deceptive representations and engaged in unconscionable conduct in relation to its failure to notify Medibank members and members of its subsidiary brand, ahm, of its decision to limit benefits for in-hospital pathology and radiology services, despite representing across a number of its communication and marketing materials that it would.
Aguirre explained that although the antiusury law limiting interest rates has been repealed, the Supreme Court has ruled that moneylenders cannot impose unconscionable interest rates.
Singh termed the attacks as unconscionable crime against humanity.
The High Court held that no relief is available for unconscionable dealing--or for 'unconscionable conduct' under s 51AA of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth) (now s 20 of the Australian Consumer Law), which is the selfsame thing--unless the party alleged to have acted unconscionably actually knew of the victim's relative 'special disadvantage' and 'preyed upon him or her.
We anticipate any fair report will find it unconscionable that large numbers of these schools continue to enjoy the unfair benefits of a double-funding mechanism.
Judge Ernesto Scorsone described the clause - the ninth c o n d i t i o n o f s a l e - a s unconscionable after reviewing the cS ase of a Street Cry yearling purchased for $35,000 by Solitary Oak Farm from Rockwell Sales Agency, consigned on behalf of Dare To Dream Farm, at the 2008 Keeneland September sale.
In a speech Bernanke said, 'It is unconscionable that the fate of the world economy should be so closely tied to the fortunes of a relatively small number of giant financial firms.
The basic premise of this principle is that where the evidence discloses that a transaction is unconscionable and improvident on its face, the court will invoke the equitable principle, "that a person who is not equal to protecting himself will be protected, not against his own folly or carelessness, but against his being taken advantage of by those in a position to do so by reason of their commanding and superior bargaining position".
At a hearing on the motion to compel arbitration, the patient argued that the Agreement was procedurally unconscionable because it was never explained to him and because he believed that it applied solely to the surgical procedure.
The arbitration loser (let's assume that your side was the winner) can claim that certain issues decided by the arbitrator were not within the scope of the arbitration clause, claim that the arbitrator's decision is contrary to public policy or otherwise unconscionable, and claim that the arbitrator's decision doesn't apply on a variety of other grounds.
In a 5-0 decision, the Illinois Supreme Court recently held that a class action ban in an arbitration clause is unconscionable and therefore unenforceable.
As the New York Times columnist Bob Herbert wrote, the environmental racism is "nothing less than an unconscionable extension of the devastating Jim Crow policies that have existed in one form or another, legally or illegally, since slavery.