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not conscientious

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whether the respondent had conducted itself unconscientiously in its dealings with the appellant; and
1888) ("[C]ourts will not interfere unless the [directors'] powers have been illegally or unconscientiously executed; or unless it be made to appear that the acts were fraudulent or collusive, and destructive of the rights of the stockholders.
Debris and other rubbish are uncontrollably and unconscientiously thrown on their banks, resulting in the dangers of a flood being magnified," said Diplaros.
If P's baseline thus contains a broad responsibility or disability upon D not to use his rights (etc) unconscientiously or exploitatively--in particular, when creating (and not simply 'taking advantage of') choice situations for P--then any credible proposal to do so by D in support of a specific demand will be a proposal to make P worse off relative to where she is entitled to be, hence it will be a 'threat' (or 'illegitimate pressure') capable of founding a duress claim.
unconscionability or unconscientiously conduct on the part of the nephew
The rule precludes enforcement of contract modifications not supported by "new" consideration, but may be subject to defeasance by operation of ancillary rules that inartfully, or at least surreptitiously, accommodate enforcement of the modification when the risk of an unconscientiously imposed modification is not present.