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not conquered

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The scouts were hot and tired; the bowlers were changed and bowled till their arms ached; but Dumkins and Podder remained unconquered.
Norah had struggled against her rooted distrust of Frank, in deference to the unanswerable decision of both her parents in his favor; and had suppressed the open expression of her antipathy, though the feeling itself remained unconquered.
he knew not in his heart that in place of the stone his son was left behind, unconquered and untroubled, and that he was soon to overcome him by force and might and drive him from his honours, himself to reign over the deathless gods.
Their mind being whole, their eye is as yet unconquered, and when we look in their faces we are disconcerted.
Ona was kept up by her excitement, but all of the women and most of the men were tired--the soul of Marija was alone unconquered.
The Queen of the Netherlands, the King of Norway, the provisional government of Czechoslovakia, the unofficial government of France, all had their homes on the unconquered side of the English Channel.
A proud and determined people, the Seminoles are the only unconquered native American tribe in their struggle to keep their homelands.
Saqib Ali was unbeaten on 42 and Swapnil was unconquered on 44, but the UAE trailed by 141 runs with only seven wickets in hand.
One of the prisoners was very enthusiastic and unconquered in spirit.
Hussey has moved up four places to 12th position after scoring an unconquered 150.
AN adventurous climber has scaled Britain's last unconquered peak.
By releasing `Highlander: The Last of the MacLeods' and `Hoverstrike: Unconquered Lands' in successive weeks, our Jaguar CD title library is rapidly growing in scope and depth,'' said Ted Hoff, Atari's president of North American Operations.
Fakhar Zaman was unbeaten on 81 and Asif Iqbal unconquered on 73.
They are not the only ones; unfortunately that is one area which, for the time being, will remain unconquered.
I think we have built a confidence and an air of invincibility - an air of 'we can be superior in all areas, fight to the death, no challenge unconquered, winning is the only considered option.