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the lack of a connection between things

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Rawlinson comments, "In Lewis's stories, frustration at the unconnectedness of military service with either anti-Nazi or pro-democratic ideals is registered in the protest of volunteers at useless regimentation" (146).
ACT TWO is one long scene and is not divided into traditional format; it should have a dream quality of seamless unconnectedness.
The possible negative outcome of that mission reveals the unconnectedness and isolation of human life, since it lacks God's promise.
24) It still displays a moment of logical unconnectedness to its nodal line.
In this series of rather transparent metaphors, the speaker laments the body's essential unconnectedness and even, paradoxically, its lack of corporeality.
We might ask something similar," Creed continued, "who would I really be if I did not exercise such independence and unconnectedness to others but acknowledged that God sustains me moment by moment with good health, functionality, relationships, work, etc.
Uncomplimentary (or crossed) transactions often create a sense of unconnectedness.
Nevertheless, the present disunity and unconnectedness in the Reformed family certainly does not enhance credible and creative witness; in fact the contrary is true.
Citing corroborating sociological research, he remarks that 'Afro-Americans lead the nation in their unconnectedness to community support groups' (p.
24) They complain about the reciprocity among people, unconnectedness, and the State as an imaginary political community composed of a "sequence of images forming a kind of dream-like narrative that mystifies and idealizes the painful reality of immediate social experience -- the real experience corroded by alienation and mutual distance.