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Antonyms for uncongeniality

a disposition not to be congenial

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Slander offers a relentless and voyeurisitc gaze on uncongeniality.
The truth of evolution and the power of Darwinian explanation have been so liberating and transforming in the history of Western thought - while popular drive to oppose, or simple failure to understand, remain so entrenched (given the threat and uncongeniality of evolution to so much held dear both by pysche and society) - that writings for the general public must lean toward the hedgehog's task of documenting and defending the veracity and explanatory range of evolution itself.
The true locations of the Boadicean rebellion, Camulodunum, Londinium - which is no longer Troynovant, thanks to Camden - and Verulamium represent the uncongeniality of classical history to Galfridian myth.