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At Campbellton, the unconformable upper contact with the overlying Carboniferous Bonaventure Formation lies beneath the Restigouche River (Dineley and Williams 1968; Wilson et al.
Although the Muthaymimah Formation has an unconformable base throughout the region, there is actually a tectonic contact between the Simsima and Muthaymimah Formations at this locality (Fig.
The Hickory Sandstone is the basal member of the Upper Cambrian Riley Formation of the Moore Hollow Group (Figure 4) of central Texas that was deposited on the unconformable surface of the Proterozoic and crops out along the western flank of the Llano uplift (Kyle and McBride, 2014) (Figure 10) (Plate 1).
Geologically, the Hangu Formation exposed in the Salt Range has an unconformable contact with the underlying formations (Shah, 2009; Ashraf, et al.
In Kuh-e-Surmeh section, Fahliyan Formation is placed above Hith evaporitic Formation with an unconformable boundary and below Gadvan Formation with a conformable boundary.
Chavez-Reyes found that while students were initially unconformable with "cultural difference discourse," they soon were able to express new insights that went beyond their first impressions about cultural difference and other topics related to the sociopolitical issues covered in the class.
Drilling has identified three primary sub horizontal gold zones; an upper zone at the Permian limestone/Tertiary sediment unconformable contact, a middle horizon at a marble/silty limestone interbed and a lower zone at a volcanic lava/silty limestone contact and a fourth zone of post surface weathering/oxidation of the primary lodes (regolith) occurring in modern karst environment.
The unconformable truth is that low consumer prices and high investment returns require companies to squeeze production costs.
Maybe if you really want to make a change, you would have to do something of that sort but I just feel inherently unconformable with the idea that you're being put there not because you're good but because they need more women.
First of all, the contact between the Coconino and Toroweap Formations is not unconformable (i.
Two generations of mafic dykes cut the peridotites and, on the contrary, are unconformable to their foliation planes: 1) pegmatitic gabbros; 2) dolerites.
They said they also felt unconformable during the examinations because the superintendent examinations Sager Alam Khan crammed the hall with 120 students just for his easiness.
The visitors did cause some unconformable moments in the Xrst half, most notably when Diego Leon struck the corner of the bar and post with a vicious right foot strike from 25 yards out five minutes before the break, but it was Blues' superior Xrepower that made sure they still took a comfortable lead.
The respective pairs were and still are considered as being unconformable with the accepted mathematical rules of QM.
The contact between the post lacustrine sand and gravel and the underlying dense, cohesive, calcareous silt is typically wavy and unconformable (Fig.