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The Hickory Sandstone is the basal member of the Upper Cambrian Riley Formation of the Moore Hollow Group (Figure 4) of central Texas that was deposited on the unconformable surface of the Proterozoic and crops out along the western flank of the Llano uplift (Kyle and McBride, 2014) (Figure 10) (Plate 1).
In Kuh-e-Surmeh section, Fahliyan Formation is placed above Hith evaporitic Formation with an unconformable boundary and below Gadvan Formation with a conformable boundary.
First of all, the contact between the Coconino and Toroweap Formations is not unconformable (i.
They said they also felt unconformable during the examinations because the superintendent examinations Sager Alam Khan crammed the hall with 120 students just for his easiness.
The visitors did cause some unconformable moments in the Xrst half, most notably when Diego Leon struck the corner of the bar and post with a vicious right foot strike from 25 yards out five minutes before the break, but it was Blues' superior Xrepower that made sure they still took a comfortable lead.
The respective pairs were and still are considered as being unconformable with the accepted mathematical rules of QM.
The production of flexible displays pose myriad challenges, namely manufacturing equipment's ability to support flexible substrates, such as plastic, which lacks the mechanical and thermal stability typically afforded by the rigid and durable -- yet unconformable -- glass substrate.
The contact between the post lacustrine sand and gravel and the underlying dense, cohesive, calcareous silt is typically wavy and unconformable (Fig.
A thin transition zone separates the two systems and appears to represent an unconformable surface.
the Ripley-Owl Creek formational contact) is unconformable and the basal Owl Creek sand often contains the trace fossil Ophiomorpha sp.
As a result of complexity, fewer and fewer significant planning decisions are taken by the polity or its elected representatives because the sorts of deliberations suitable for such bodies cannot include those that are time-sensitive or unconformable with the yea/nay coding structure of the political system.
Elsewhere in Indiana, the upper and lower contacts of the New Harmony are unconformable to Silurian rocks below and Middle Devonian rocks above.
Unklesbay (1952) commented on a channel sandstone unconformable on a tilted Marmaton limestone in Boone County.