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not concealed or hidden

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As she looked upon her champion she saw a lithe, muscular, brown-haired youth whose clear eyes and perfect figure, unconcealed by either bassinet or hauberk, reflected the clean, athletic life of the trained fighting man.
She knew perfectly well that Hardyman's unconcealed admiration of her was the guiding motive of Lady Lydiard's inquiries.
I was particularly glad to see her beautiful black hair, unstinted still, and unconcealed in its glossy luxuriance.
And Rogojin burst out laughing, this time with unconcealed malice, as though he were glad that he had been able to find an opportunity for giving vent to it.
For a moment the two looked at one another in unconcealed consternation, and then Bradley spoke, using to the best of his poor ability, the common tongue of Caspak.
Vanborough looked at her husband with unconcealed surprise and distress.
I was in total shock when I watched on TV a psychologist ratting with unconcealed contempt on Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno at the House committee hearing on the impeachment complaint against her.
Another is the 'portly' sour-faced woman who now resided in the Manzil on Railway Road and whose malevolence is equally unconcealed in her attempt at barring entry to the visitor from Lahore.
Szijjrt said Charles Michels statement was shocking and unacceptable, which he rejected firmly as unconcealed blackmail.
But she is opposed to open carry laws that allow people to carry unconcealed weapons, and to the state law that allows guns on public college and university campuses in Texas.
If individual privacy is at stake right now, Black Mirror's 'Crocodile' imagines a society where privacy is next to non-existent,governable, accessible and unconcealed.
Without threats to resort to force, without downgrading oneself to the level of unconcealed loutishness and bad language," Putin said.
Narrow but sharp shoulder widths, unconcealed darts, long uncut threads from lockstitching: At first glance, a garment might have appeared normal, but every piece was completely original and defied convention.
concealed group and unconcealed group of cancer patients visiting radiotherapy department, RIMS after taking informed consent.
They have strongly reduced wings and feature a confusing mixture of morphological characteristics, such as spiny fore tibiae, unconcealed tympana, and tiny auditory spiracles.