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not concealed or hidden

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When he entered the room, and again when he advanced to shake hands with her, Agnes was conscious of a latent feeling which secretly reciprocated Henry's unconcealed pleasure on meeting her again.
For a moment the two looked at one another in unconcealed consternation, and then Bradley spoke, using to the best of his poor ability, the common tongue of Caspak.
Vanborough looked at her husband with unconcealed surprise and distress.
I was particularly glad to see her beautiful black hair, unstinted still, and unconcealed in its glossy luxuriance.
Taug, flattered by the unconcealed admiration in her eyes, strutted about, as proud and as vain as a peacock.
He scares me to death, he's so violent," Mary said with unconcealed hostility.
The unconcealed curiosity, with which he looked hard in my face while he spoke, convinced me that I had passed unnoticed by him at the Opera.
This was not a mere empty vaunt, but a deliberate avowal of his real sentiments; for Mr Quilp, who loved nobody, had by little and little come to hate everybody nearly or remotely connected with his ruined client: --the old man himself, because he had been able to deceive him and elude his vigilance --the child, because she was the object of Mrs Quilp's commiseration and constant self-reproach --the single gentleman, because of his unconcealed aversion to himself --Kit and his mother, most mortally, for the reasons shown.
And the unconcealed, persistent, nervous, and /discourteous/ sarcasm of Porfiry seemed strange to Razumihin beside that quiet and mournful face.
The rising significance of the residential rented sector is creating unconcealed opportunities for investors, especially where prices have reached reasonable levels.
Investors and tourists in Germany and the rest of Europe read these critical judgments and unconcealed warnings.
The footage from the prison appears to be shot on an unconcealed camera, raising questions about whether higher-level officials covered up the crimes.
Just this week in the House, opponents of the open carry legislation that would allow handgun licensees to carry unconcealed weapons used a point of order to delay it.
Martin Skrtel appeared to stamp on de Gea, ensuring the match ended on a fitting note - white noise and unconcealed rage.
By contrast, the Fourth Plan, which was by some distance better prepared, more comprehensive, and placed more emphasis on the long-coveted goals, turned out to be the least productive of all five, because the responsibility for its implementation was entrusted to the Ahmadinejad administration with its unconcealed hostility toward the plan's "western-educated" preparers, its "American inspired" content, and its "non-revolutionary" objectives.