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Synonyms for uncomprehending

unwilling or unable to perceive

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lacking understanding

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This man was anxious, uncomprehending and, if anything, really rather pathetic.
The battle lines are drawn in broad, unsubtle brushstrokes, the exasperated Scousers pitted against an uncomprehending "Tory Boy" in a raging, crowd-pleasing, them-and-us ding-dong which embraces everything from dementia care to the bedroom tax, to pay day loans and Afghan suicide bombings.
He told the Commons: "If the Police Minister was to visit the Somerset Levels and tell the people of that area that the Government believes the police are only crime fighters, I think they would be utterly uncomprehending.
Terrified after my near-miss and baffled at the bizarre scene I found myself in, I stared at her in uncomprehending shock.
They are two musicals, with one plot: A young outsider with extraordinary gifts must prevail over the uncomprehending adults who want to make the child conform.
By 1968--following the uncomprehending thud of the reception of Twombly's Nine Discourses on Commodus, 1963, shown in 1964 at Castelli Gallery in New York--the artist had already edged away from the fluid, multivalent graffiti compositions of the 1950s to the more purposive Blackboard Paintings of the later '60s.
He deplored the carnage, and even more the suffering caused to uncomprehending, conscripted animals.
His uncomprehending eyes watched as soldiers were scythed in half by machine guns before reaching the sandy beach, their bodies grotesquely floating towards us with tentacles of blood and innards trailing behind, the bows gently moving them to port or starboard as we slipped ever closer towards the beach.
I look for the tell-tale Union Jack on the saddlecloth of the British contenders, so that a shouted query may fall on deaf ears but not uncomprehending ones.
Having played just two gigs outside Wales previously, the band made their English debut proper at Latitude Festival last year and absolutely killed it, inspiring an uncomprehending audience to mass dancing.
Occasionally, Cohen hits his mark, with the highlight when he runs an audition for a dubious children's fashion shoot, firing ludicrous questions at uncomprehending parents.
The author handles the big themes--Wright the genius battling an uncomprehending, philistine world and Wright the man loving and loathing his women--with extraordinary brio.
She said that in the era of democratic regime in the country the kidnapping of people was uncomprehending, as prior to 3rd November only 3 to 4 cases of missing people were registered by the Defence of Human Rights Organization but since that time about 613 cases of missing people were registered by the DHR that included 144 women from Balochistan and 1700 men from the Province.
Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama blamed lenders for foisting unpayable subprime loans on consumers, then packaging them as securities for uncomprehending investors.