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Synonyms for uncomprehending

unwilling or unable to perceive

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lacking understanding

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With cauliflower ears, a lumbering stoop and a slack jaw, he possesses the size and gait of a performing bear, and the same sense of deep but uncomprehending unhappiness.
Philip represents the uncomprehending disciples who have not profited from the length of their companionship with Jesus, perhaps because their relationship lacked quality and perseverance.
The battle lines are drawn in broad, unsubtle brushstrokes, the exasperated Scousers pitted against an uncomprehending "Tory Boy" in a raging, crowd-pleasing, them-and-us ding-dong which embraces everything from dementia care to the bedroom tax, to pay day loans and Afghan suicide bombings.
He deplored the carnage, and even more the suffering caused to uncomprehending, conscripted animals.
This memoir was prompted by Jensen's later visit to Borneo, some 40 years on, but it's as freshly written as if he were remembering yesterday, full of the incongruous, arresting details--a teacher singing of 'cold and frosty mornings' to uncomprehending rainforest children; a broken refrigerator stuffed full of plastic flip-flops--that bring a book to life.
I look for the tell-tale Union Jack on the saddlecloth of the British contenders, so that a shouted query may fall on deaf ears but not uncomprehending ones.
Here Hukle evokes Tennake's simple uncomprehending perspective when Native Americans attack New Netherlands in retribution: "Her courage began to slip away.
Having played just two gigs outside Wales previously, the band made their English debut proper at Latitude Festival last year and absolutely killed it, inspiring an uncomprehending audience to mass dancing.
Occasionally Cohen hits his mark, with the highlight when he runs an audition for a dubious children's fashion shoot, firing ludicrous questions at uncomprehending parents.
The author handles the big themes--Wright the genius battling an uncomprehending, philistine world and Wright the man loving and loathing his women--with extraordinary brio.
She said that in the era of democratic regime in the country the kidnapping of people was uncomprehending, as prior to 3rd November only 3 to 4 cases of missing people were registered by the Defence of Human Rights Organization but since that time about 613 cases of missing people were registered by the DHR that included 144 women from Balochistan and 1700 men from the Province.
Please consider the terror experienced by all small uncomprehending creatures, and farmed animals.
The sense of intimacy conveyed by lenser Dana Gonzales' jittery handheld camerawork sometimes strays from testosterone-soaked lockdown sequences to incorporate visits with uncomprehending fiancee Laura, striving to reconcile herself to the hell of Wade's incarceration.
Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama blamed lenders for foisting unpayable subprime loans on consumers, then packaging them as securities for uncomprehending investors.
the debate is dominated by the clash of mutually uncomprehending values and cultures.