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Synonyms for uncomplimentary

Synonyms for uncomplimentary

showing or representing unfavorably


tending to (or intended to) detract or disparage

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MALCOLM Southall (Talkback, October 27) claims that my uncomplimentary description of the EU is libellous.
AT the start of this year, I was somewhat uncomplimentary on the prospects for gold.
Former Hartlepool MP Peter Mandelson was a spin doctor earning him which regal but uncomplimentary nickname?
Managing director Alex Hynes shares passengers' uncomplimentary views of the elderly Pacers currently doing service on the Penistone line linking Huddersfield, Barnsley and Sheffield - and is pleased that their days are numbered.
TONY Johnstone says a lot of uncomplimentary things about me (Feedback, 17.
Don't get upset at reading uncomplimentary comments about yourself in newspapers and on social media.
2 gives an uncomplimentary account of the role the Scot played in the days before he left his post.
The Rohani Administration made several distributions of similar food packages last winter, to generally uncomplimentary commentary.
After all, he may be too preoccupied with suing the exiled Samir Nasri's girlfriend for uncomplimentary tweets about him.
He duly had to contend with a stream of uncomplimentary, often obscene chants - but despite beginning with a big no-ball, pulled for four by David Warner, he quickly had the measure of his opponents.
She is a fat ass Dunlop bloater of walrus proportions" - Singer Morrissey, in uncomplimentary mood about one of his female fans, a Job Centre employee.
A source has revealed that the 35-year-old reality TV star has kept all her texts and emails from Cipriani, which were uncomplimentary to Brook.
He has won over many of the critics who were uncomplimentary during his early years as a professional and, although Smith admits the weight of expectation will remain, the partisan support is something Murray can use to his advantage.
Shivendra was out of favour since his alleged uncomplimentary remarks about Nobbs's coaching style, after the fiasco at the 2012 London Olympics where India finished 12th.
Twenty-one percent of employers warned employees about uncomplimentary posts about a coworker