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Synonyms for uncompleted

not yet finished


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not caught or not caught within bounds

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Lukoil said in a statement that it considered Sinopec in breach of contract over the uncompleted deal.
About the Pakistan movement, he said the uncompleted movement of Pakistan to be completed in November public meeting and it will turn the political scenario of country, Shabeer mentioned.
RAWALPINDI -- Projects of constructing the boundary walls around graveyards and places for funeral prayers have remained uncompleted due to negligence of building department.
Agim Jonuz comments for Dnevnik that the Balkan is a place of many tragedies, stories of love, of hatred of many uncompleted sentences and a lot of history on a small territory while Macedonia is a country where there are still people who tolerate.
Property consists of 7 completed villas (5 styles) & 3 uncompleted.
The contest offered young performers the opps ortunity to record the final verse to Teardrops, an uncompleted track from UK grime artist Devlin.
32 A GAME of two halves at Caerphilly, with the first half dominated by handling errors and uncompleted sets, as Titans took their try scoring opportunities.
Accept a surprisingly low quotation and you will be rewarded with work of appropriate awfulness or possibly an uncompleted contract.
He also affirmed that all uncompleted exams, due to unrest began January 25, will be re-taken at the beginning of this academic semester.
Integrated into BuilderMT's scheduling and workflow systems, BuilderMT Mobile Scheduling uses a phone-based browser to show user-specific scheduled and/or uncompleted tasks.
Which was the last and uncompleted novel written by Charles Dickens?
I am seeking sound advice from professional expat ranks to explain how it is possible here for a local company to embark on a large private real estate build based on funds derived solely from off-plan buyers' stage payments, yet mid-way through the uncompleted original project it diversifies into other under-funded real estate projects.
According to the London-based al-Hayat, the Lebanese Foreign Ministry claimed the explosion occurred at an uncompleted structure in a southern Lebanese village that stored arms "left behind by the Israelis.
95) comes from one of the founders of the 'cyberpunk' movement and provides a collection of nine writings--seven stories, the first part of an uncompleted novel, and a story fragment, set in the imaginary Muslim city of Budayeen.
The safety of horses and riders at the meeting was not jeopardised by the uncompleted work, but it amounted to a breach of the rules of racing, which the track's management yesterday admitted at a BHA inquiry.