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not complete or total


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VAR of Edward Snowden's legal representative Anatoly Kucherena showing a copy of the asylum document granted to Snowden (sound uncomplete, lawyer says: ".
There are one uncomplete copy recently discovered in the music collection of the Pelplin Diocesan Archives.
Next week my work at Schirmers will be finished, that is, it is not finished, and I feel not very comfortable that I have to end the new edition of the dictionary in an uncomplete state, but the publisher does not want to spend more money on it .
It could be observed that the crystallinity from the TPS was not completely disrupted in the PBAT/TPS blend, attesting for the uncomplete plasticization for starch.
The results of the second part of this paper allow formulating a decision of investment rule under uncomplete information.
The data in Table 3 indicate that the solubility of liquid products in the solvents used at their formation during thermosolvolytical liquefaction is uncomplete varying between 12.
7 Inventories (less progress billing on uncomplete contracts: 1999, $31.