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such that comparison is impossible


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The very low child-teacher ratios and the home visits make the Perry Preschool experience uncomparable to the type of preschool programs endorsed by Pres.
data used Quality Quality adjusted price = old price formula x quality adjustment factor / (1 - quality adjustment factor) Procedure used when If it is an uncomparable model year a tracked vehicle is changeover, the quote weight is imputed discontinued, and no by the price change of other comparable vehicle is model year changeover quotes in the available geographic area in question.
The overall effect was to make the net asset figure uncomparable among companies.
So far only subjective, unreliable, unreplicable and uncomparable estimates of aging huemul neonates are available.
In Arendt's thought the "who" of a person is the uniqueness, the uncomparable unchangeable individuality that is more than the sum total of all the characteristics of the person.
This is uncomparable with English where semantic derogation of women has gone so far that "even mother was used as a term for 'a bawd' and sister as a term for 'a disguised whore' in the seventeenth century" (Schulz, 1975: 66).
In fact, for any domain D, with |D| [is greater than] 1, <D, T> and <T, D> are uncomparable minimal binary decompositions of D.
But what about the individual who could earn a much higher rate of return, such as 20%, 30% or even 50% in uncomparable investments?
Cleer Gear is committed to creating the finest quality screen cleaners on the planet, providing uncomparable style, function & design.
The selection of MetroCor fiber will enable Level 3 to offer customers using its high-speed metropolitan systems uncomparable performance at a low cost-per-bit," said Curt Weinstein, Corning's director of metro fiber.