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Synonyms for uncommonly



Synonyms for uncommonly

in a manner or to a degree that is unusual

References in classic literature ?
My sister was uncommonly lively on the present occasion, and indeed was generally more gracious in the society of Mrs.
I think the whole case fits together uncommonly well.
Summary: Lebanon received much-needed rainfall Sunday after what has been an uncommonly dry winter season.
Summary: New Delhi [India], November 20 (ANI): Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Monday called Manushi Chhillar "beautiful, smart and uncommonly gracious" for her graceful response to his 'Chhillar' tweet, wherein he compared the surname of the newly crowned Miss World to 'loose change'.
This coloration occurs naturally, though uncommonly, in wild turkey flocks.
Or perhaps everyone will just keep uncommonly quiet about it.
Sales slipped in 2012 due to uncommonly mild storm season - now back on track.
Lead player David Dastmalchlan reportedly drew on his personal experiences In the lower depths while writing the screenplay, which may explain the uncommonly compelling persuasiveness of his bleak story's quotidian details.
Kaposi sarcoma is a malignant vascular neoplasm uncommonly seen in immunosuppressed patients.
Callia has been uncommonly lucky and uncommonly unlucky.
I AM uncommonly dismayed at the news that Marksies is looking to offer funerals as part of its major expansion plans.
IT WAS sad to hear this week of the death, at the uncommonly young age of 52, of former Olympic rowing gold medallist Andy Holmes.
The uncommonly pale creatures took keepers at the Blue Planet Aquarium by surprise.
un*com*mon*ly adverb <It was an uncommonly cold summer.
The text is unique in its inclusion of uncommonly discussed but important topics such as pollution, cough, pseudoasthma, sick building syndrome, complementary and alternative therapy, and allergy in the elderly.