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Synonyms for uncomfortable

Synonyms for uncomfortable

characterized by embarrassment and discomfort

causing discomfort

Antonyms for uncomfortable

conducive to or feeling mental discomfort

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providing or experiencing physical discomfort

References in classic literature ?
This made Marilla more nervous than ever; she had an uncomfortable feeling that while this odd child's body might be there at the table her spirit was far away in some remote airy cloudland, borne aloft on the wings of imagination.
Allen, with perfect serenity, "it is very uncomfortable indeed.
The uncomfortable position in which they had put him and turned him over again confused his thoughts, and when he came to himself a third time it was in the complete stillness of the night.
David had noticed nothing, but I was strangely uncomfortable, and, despite my efforts at talk, often lapsed into silence, to be roused from it by a feeling that Paterson was looking at me covertly.
I have discovered in America how uncomfortable a people's country can he.
Mrs Varden was a lady of what is commonly called an uncertain temper--a phrase which being interpreted signifies a temper tolerably certain to make everybody more or less uncomfortable.
This Miggs was a tall young lady, very much addicted to pattens in private life; slender and shrewish, of a rather uncomfortable figure, and though not absolutely ill-looking, of a sharp and acid visage.
Tom felt in an uncomfortable flutter as he took off his woollen comforter and other wrappings.
Oh yes--I only wanted to know," said Tom, rather ashamed of himself, now he saw Philip coloring and looking uncomfortable.
He never even gave me a meal of green food or a bran mash, which would have cooled me, for he was altogether as ignorant as he was conceited; and then, instead of exercise or change of food, I had to take horse balls and draughts; which, beside the nuisance of having them poured down my throat, used to make me feel ill and uncomfortable.
Westpac (NYSE: WBK) chief executive, Brian Hartzer, has informed staff that the bank could have to make uncomfortable revelations about its staff mistreating customers.
But there's no doubt that I felt uncomfortable seeing that video.
Synopsis: Slightly more than half of Americans say they are unlikely to use self-driving cars, and 59% would be uncomfortable riding in them.
It is my fault that some employees felt uncomfortable with what I did during my visit .
Summary: The actress also revealed that she's uncomfortable doing intimate scenes