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Given an r-coloured permutation of [n], say [summation] = (S, [phi]), first consider its corresponding uncoloured permutation S.
It is also transparent in solution and Litesse Ultra is uncoloured, making it the perfect invisible fibre
As many people leave the concrete surfaces at an untreated or uncoloured stage, concrete has acquired a reputation of being dull and rather unappealing.
The uncoloured juveniles were later allowed to mingle with adult red- and black-headed birds, or placed in isolation.
Results reveal the preponderance of white part, that can favourably influence heat processing as drying since the uncoloured pulp could lead to less caramelized powders compared with the pigmented part.
Unadorned by any of the finery we so often see in his other self-portraits, uncoloured by any of their flamboyance or dramatic flair, he sits at his table by a window practising his craft as an etcher of pictures such as this.
The commonest issue highlighted in ampoule labels was difficulty in reading embossed but uncoloured plastic ampoule information.
This modification changes the central form into a definite crucifix where the original design bears almost nothing of that figuration; it has the advantage of standing in solidarity with the other beautifully restored nave windows (which are simple uncoloured panes) but the original design would have done that too in a more complex and dynamic composition.
Hooker between 1830 and 1857 are Botanical Miscellany, The Journal of Botany, The London Journal of Botany and Hooker's Journal of Botany and Kew Garden Miscellany with in total 448 uncoloured lithographs including some bromeliads, most of them made by Walter Fitch who is best known for his work for the magazine of William Curtis.
Taken together and set on a new page uncoloured by the politics of humanistic discourse there is a good hope that literary Darwinism might add at least some of the self- knowledge we seem to need to steer culture's course back toward something fit for nature's ecology.
There is no tradition of architectural theory uncoloured by a moral tone.
All coloured feed was then removed and birds were returned to uncoloured grower crumbles for 12 h.
The Negro cannot deny that he is a Negro nor claim for himself this abstract uncoloured humanity" (Black Orpheus, 17).
Unlike the heavily painted metalcuts and woodcuts of many contemporary Hours, the woodcuts of the State Library book are uncoloured.
We are committed to giving business advice forged from experience but uncoloured by self-interest, thus helping our clients achieve their goals.