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not capable of being collected


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The Court reversed the decision of the Montgomery Circuit Court and declared that Home Depot was not eligible to claim a deduction for sales tax paid on uncollectible debts because Home Depot was fully paid for the goods sold and was not the owner of the bad debt.
The growth of uncollectible premiums reflects an increase in nonregular employees who have moved to the national pension system from employee pension programs as a result of corporate restructuring but are unable to make payments, according to analysts.
Accordingly, it must report the amounts attributable to the allowance for uncollectible accounts receivable on line 32 (Bad debt expense), and must separately state and adequately disclose the amounts attributable to the reserve for pending litigation and the warranty reserve on line 35 (Other expense/deduction items with differences).
Danger exists that insolvent and uninsured defendants and percentage increase limitations may leave some plaintiffs with worthless, uncollectible judgments.
In January 2007, AXA Re P&C entered into an aggregate quota share agreement with Coliseum Re, reinsuring 100% of the remaining net technical liabilities including any uncollectible insurance and reinsurance.
1 billion yen as long-loss provisions and the amount will be deducted from the central bank's contributions to the government to settle the loan issue when the uncollectible portion of the loans is confirmed.
448(d)(5) temporary regulations as a way to compute bad-debt experience, but was replaced in the amended temporary regulations with the generally less favorable six-year moving-average method (which requires a taxpayer to use total sales versus year-end accounts receivable in determining its uncollectible experience).
The lessor has no repayment responsibility, even if the lessee defaults and the loan becomes uncollectible.
Agents will use the guidelines to decide (1) whether to agree to an offer in compromise that is based on uncollectibility of the debt and (2) what action to take in cases of uncollectible installment agreements.
5 million additional provision for estimated uncollectible revenue)
It is not the role of the central bank to cover losses in such cases as clearly uncollectible ones," it said.
the excess of the new debt's issue price over the original debt's adjusted issue price) is attributable, in part, to the fact that the taxpayer previously claimed a deduction for partial worthlessness (thus reducing its basis in the debt), and the modification does not alter the fact that a portion of the debt remains uncollectible.
Relative to 1991 and 1993, survey respondents are more likely to reserve for uncollectible accounts, however, they are tending to reserve less as a percentage of receivables.
The appellate court noted that the plaintiffs-appellants who had made the unsecured, uncollectible and inflated loans already knew what they claimed the accounting firm should have discovered.
By selling to non-creditworthy customers, the Company effectively reported tens of millions of dollars of sales that it otherwise would not have reported, while accumulating tens of millions of dollars of uncollectible receivables.