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not capable of being collected


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Accounts are placed in uncollectible status for numerous reasons.
On individual council taxpayers, Mr Woods said: "Council tax debts relate to accounts deemed uncollectible in 2007-08, but may cover more than the current year.
The growth of uncollectible premiums reflects an increase in nonregular employees who have moved to the national pension system from employee pension programs as a result of corporate restructuring but are unable to make payments, according to analysts.
Finally, neither FMS nor OMB monitored or reported the extent to which federal agencies governmentwide were closing out all eligible uncollectible debts and reporting those amounts to IRS as income to debtors.
Danger exists that insolvent and uninsured defendants and percentage increase limitations may leave some plaintiffs with worthless, uncollectible judgments.
The dollar value of most firms' uncollectible checks varies, however, and if companies guarantee only 10 percent of the check volume, they will usually avoid only 10 percent of the losses.
One is an allowance for accounts receivable estimated to be uncollectible.
1 billion yen in uncollectible loans to Yamaichi, which the BOJ will write off in its financial statement for fiscal 2004.
The lessor has no repayment responsibility, even if the lessee defaults and the loan becomes uncollectible.
Agents will use the guidelines to decide (1) whether to agree to an offer in compromise that is based on uncollectibility of the debt and (2) what action to take in cases of uncollectible installment agreements.
Operating performance in 2009 was adversely impacted by actions purposefully taken to cleanse the company's balance sheet, including write-offs of old reinsurance recoverables deemed uncollectible and changes in reserve balances also deemed uncollectible.
Some 120 billion yen in uncollectible emergency loans to the now defunct Yamaichi Securities Co.
Under this method, a taxpayer computes its uncollectible amount by multiplying its yearend accounts receivable balance by the ratio of the total bad debts of accounts receivable sustained during the current year and five preceding tax years (adjusted for recoveries of bad debts during the same period) to the sum of the accounts receivable earned (i.
He would in general like to see costs go down, rather than have rents go up to prices that are uncollectible from his low income tenants.
The appellate court noted that the plaintiffs-appellants who had made the unsecured, uncollectible and inflated loans already knew what they claimed the accounting firm should have discovered.