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become or cause to become unobstructed

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Former US President Bill Clinton said on Wednesday that he will manage his stress better after undergoing a procedure to unclog a blocked artery, but emphasised that he has no intention of slowing down.
Kennedy, who has had back problems since a plane crash in 1964, had surgery in October to unclog a partially-blocked carotid artery in his neck.
Have the Broncos finally given up trying to unclog their season with an overpaid Plummer?
Newspapers reported that O'Grady underwent an emergency operation, known as an angioplasty, to unclog an artery.
Ornish showed that a diet, exercise, and anti-stress program can unclog arteries in heart disease patients.
Damages to a home as a result of a city's efforts to unclog a sewer line did not result in a taking of property without just compensation, according to the Supreme Court of Texas.
Monitoring slow-paying accounts and adopting timely billing practices are just two ways you can help unclog your payables.
For example, if I pay a plumber from my after-tax funds to unclog a pipe, he cannot claim that he is being double taxed when he pays taxes on his receipts because I have previously paid taxes on the funds from which I paid him.
In recent years, however, medical researchers have discovered that the slug-like creature can help stubborn wounds to heal and unclog blocked blood veins and arteries.
There was an urgent need to unclog the distribution pipeline for containers being shipped to our military customers in Hawaii," said Harvey.
Three levels of subterranean parking for residents and visitors, and one for commercial activities, would provide revenue and unclog surrounding streets.
Workers may climb a stopped conveyor to unclog a jam, only to fall into the baler when the jam suddenly gives way.
Another viewer, however, found The PJs to be "a funny, unique comedy that teaches lessons, morals, and how to unclog a toilet.
but it does unclog your drains, reduce itching and redness, and help you sleep better at night.