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not possible to classify

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This is the fifth work of fiction from Wilson, a nearly unclassifiable Fabulist/Satirist/Bizarro/Post-Postmodern/Speculative writer and literature professor whose titles include The Kafka Effekt and Dr.
An unclassifiable hodgepodge of scenes from the life of a young Manila girl, pic contains many flashes of the director's talent and will have its handful of iron-buttocked partisans but ultimately fails to convince even on its own loosely defined aesthetic terms.
Bird, a ludicrously talented and unclassifiable marvel, has been fashioning distinctive ornate music from his Illinois lair for a decade.
An unclassifiable street genius, he has come up with 42 minutes of fantastic noises and music - a melange of sounds and beats that combine hip hop, samples, fandango, acoustic guitar, piano and Portuguese words like 'arm' and other body parts.
Unclassifiable but brilliant filmmaking (Warwick Arts Centre).
Donnie Darko (15) *** Remarkable movie that is quite unclassifiable.
The Stone, an unclassifiable online puzzle game, is sold through outlets such as the Museum Store.
In the '80s, he fronted Culturcide, an unclassifiable Houston band that incorporated drum machines and samples of then-current pop songs (e.
A transfer from the Public Theater, the tuner is an unclassifiable hybrid of cabaret, concert and musical, but as they showed last year by endorsing "Spring Awakening," Tony voters may no longer be afraid of work that breaks boundaries.
These Eel Pie Islanders are gloriously unclassifiable, merging folk, prog, punk and cascading harmonies on this taster from their debut album Making Dens.
But they'll be among rock from Elvis Costello and the Imposters, folk from the Oysterband, Tom Paxton and Kathryn Tickell, world music from the Warsaw Village Band, sitarist Baluji Shrivastav, classical pianists Ludovico Einaudi and Joanna MacGregor, and the unclassifiable Nitin Sawhney.
Other contributions range from Babe Ruth's strutting King Kong to Barclay James Harvest's floating Taking Some Time On, there's the truly unclassifiable sounds of Spontaneous Cumbustion and Third Ear Band, and the folk branch of the roster is represented by Forest and Shirley and Dolly Collins.
Picture This is a generically unclassifiable work, although Craig designates it a 'novel' that questions the coherence of historical explanation.
So you love SPAM, the hearty if unclassifiable ``luncheon meat'' in a can.
In fact, there's no better way to describe this tiny, 40-minute unclassifiable jewel from a superbly indivisible cast of three and their creative team.