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offensively discourteous

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Marlowe is the kind of knight who knows that chivalry occasionally needs unchivalrous help, a gentleman of the old school who knows it's necessary in a pinch to relax school rules, a man of honor who understands that honor does sometimes have to move sideways, for the sake of honor itself, if it is not going to become empty posing.
Even so, Paloma has found herself on the end of a punch from one unchivalrous gent.
54) Among those she cultivated was another Ulster planter's wife: Lady Cicely, or Cicilia (nee Macwilliam) Ridgeway, wife to Susan Montgomery's unchivalrous emancipator.
Rushdie's intentions, like his ridiculous retort, is the definition of unchivalrous behavior," Rose said.
We had a male vice presidential candidate instructed to play dumb at a debate with a woman, lest he look unchivalrous.
Readers familiar with John Keegan's analysis of Waterloo will not be surprised to be reminded how brutal it was or how unequal and unchivalrous combat was between different arms.
Despite this, he is awed (actually, drenched with what looks to be a daiquiri of some sort) when one of them reacts coolly to a decidedly unchivalrous grope.
Catherine Rock's comments on Arcite's unchivalrous behavior are not out of place here.
Chichester, the Governor of Carrickfergus, turned a parley into an ambush and paid for his unchivalrous sally with his head.
47) Clearly, the second half of Pride and Prejudice attempts to establish Darcy's gallantry as an antidote to his earlier unchivalrous conduct, yet, in line with her ambiguous treatment of the Gothic novel, Austen probes 'chivalry's plural meanings'.
But they'd never get away with this sort of unchivalrous survey if it were directed at women, and rightly so.
Count de Briancour's ruthless exploitation of women and accumulation of an "almost countless treasure" (3: 86) in a Venetian bank suggest that unchivalrous "oeconomists, and calculators" existed among the aristocracy of the old regime as well as the revolutionaries who supplanted them.
When you say I am valued twice as much as my sister, you're essentially asking all of us men to be unchivalrous and we don't like it.
Also part of this decidedly unchivalrous, foolish lover's behavior are Lancelot's two suicide attempts: the first, when he starts to throw himself from the tower because he has lost sight of the queen (565-74); and the second, when he tries to hang himself on his horse's saddle after Guinevere has rejected him (4284-94).