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(of meat) full of sinews

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But the leaf traditionally grown at high altitude and chewed by indigenous Bolivians has become a Troian horse for the broader cultivation of a more bitter, unchewable, low-growing leaf useful only to narcotraffickers.
There was a problem here though - the large melon seeds, like wood chips, had been left in, with the result that J was treated to the lovely sight of me picking unchewable bits of seed out of my mouth.
Instead, it tasted like fried trampoline - rubbery and unchewable.
On board an aging Yak-40 jet with rickety seats, paint peeling off the interior, and aisles piled high with duffle bags, sacks of potatoes, and dried fish, Gallant faces a severe test--the in-flight meal consisting of a piece of cold, overdone, unchewable steak with cold white rice; four pieces of cold, greasy sausage; two slices of dark bread; and one tiny cup of tepid tea.
An important thing to remember when adding grains is that they must be moist, either soaked or cooked, otherwise they'll absorb moisture from the dough and you'll wind up with an unchewable doorstop rather than a fresh and gratifying treat.
The spooky object is in reality an asteroid, made of unchewable rock and metal and shaped exactly like a dog's bone.
These items are exported to Africa and Southeast Asia, where they may be found stacked near "Goldgate" toothpase and "Rodigate" toothpaste (the same Colgate colors, no relation), "Pepsi-Cola" biscuits, or fake and almost unchewable Chiclets.