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Synonyms for unchaste

not chaste or moral

Antonyms for unchaste

not chaste

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The First Amendment also stands as a defense for those who preach a secular creed favoring fornication, homosexuality, dishonesty, gluttony, adultery, abortion, unchaste attire, and youth rebellion.
Furthermore, Islam allows marriage with chaste spouses only and prohibits marrying unchaste spouses for marriage with them may communicate infectious diseases to their Muslim spouses.
Then, depraved women like Eve are willful, disobedient and unchaste and deserve condemnation and control.
They produced the first Iranian woman's image in cinematography, that of the unchaste doll.
Not only the unchaste girls are supplied in return for paltry amount from these dens but also liquor and charas is provided to the addicts.
Parents are afraid that the girls may become unchaste and thus dishonour themselves and their families.
Premarital relationships or unchaste behaviours could easily provoke a father into rejecting or even killing his daughter:
Miss Lovely', unfolds with this premise, set in the Mumbai of 1980's where sleazy, sex-horror films are mass-churned by the thriving C-grade movie industry, with depraved delight and unchaste ambitions.
As soon as the evening draws and sun drowns the entire area of Murree road intervening between Mareer chowk to Liaqat Bagh wears the look of a brothel infested with eunuchs, unchaste girls and prostitutes clad in revealing outfits outlining the contours of body.
In the end, Cynthia does not allow herself to be reinscribed either as a lusty widow, or as an unchaste wife.
O sister of Harun (Aaron), your father was not a man who used to commit adultery, nor your mother was an unchaste woman.
Hippolita's speech confirms the truth of Vasques's lecture and transforms her dying female body into an exemplum of the fate awaiting unchaste female bodies detailed earlier in Friar Bonaventure's lecture.
But surely a wanton, unchaste Muse was consulted; and wanton, unchaste poetry was produced.