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Synonyms for unchaste

not chaste or moral

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not chaste

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6) He uses her elevated status to reject suggestions that women are not valued in the church, yet the pope also sets her virginity against women who are seen as unchaste.
The new SHO of the police station has warned the residents of the area that stern action will be taken against them if sale of drugs or trade of unchaste girls is found taking place in the houses owned by them.
As soon as the evening draws and sun drowns the entire area of Murree road intervening between Mareer chowk to Liaqat Bagh wears the look of a brothel infested with eunuchs, unchaste girls and prostitutes clad in revealing outfits outlining the contours of body.
16:38-41; 23:43-49), and various other unchaste and impure acts [bestiality, ritual nakedness, homosexuality] (Exod.
1) Jenkins, the editor of the herein cited edition of Hamlet, notes that "nunnery was sometimes used sarcastically for a house of unchaste women, and awareness of this may add a bitter undercurrent as the dialogue proceeds" (282).
Based on some half dozen of Boccaccio's stories, dealing with lecherous priests, cuckolds, grave robbings and unchaste doings in convents, the film [.
of] men taking the part of women, revealing with boastful ostentation this ignominy of impure and unchaste bodies' (Roscoe, 1996: pp.
The words lewd, lascivious, and indecent mean the same thing;, a wicked, lustful, unchaste, licentious, or sensual intent on the part of the person doing the act.
O sister of Harun (Aaron), your father was not a man who used to commit adultery, nor your mother was an unchaste woman.
Flynt, (235) a woman sued a magazine, the dominant theme of which was female nudity and unchaste women.
Edward Rochester laments his wife's sexual rapacity: "Bertha Mason,--the true daughter of an infamous mother,--dragged me through all of the hideous and degrading agonies which must attend a man bound to a wife at once intemperate and unchaste.
Metaphor and Shakespearean Drama: Unchaste Signification.
Rather, therefore, than following sexual urges in ways that are unchaste (and if so, they are also imprudent, unjust, and uncharitable), (71) the sexual inclination can be integrated into a life governed by right practical reason (i.
49) All of these allegations were vehemently denied by at least one of the accused, Thomas Westwood, who publicly denounced Walker for suggesting he was unchaste with the native women.