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Synonyms for uncharitable

Synonyms for uncharitable

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lacking love and generosity

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rather uncharitably, that judges find it easier to impose within-range
At the same time, she admitted her own pride of intellect and that she was sometimes uncharitably harsh in her judgments of others.
While I believe Professor Robson's reading of my article uncharitably attributed approbation to me on the basis of an absence of condemnation, she was right to criticize the latter.
After being emotionally harassed because of her failure to respond spiritually to Methodist preaching, she turns against both Tabitha's and Winifred's fanatic devotion and confesses, "God forgive me if I think uncharitably, but all this seems to me to be downright hypocrisy and deceit" (240).
More than the opposing batsmen, he was mentally tortured by a few umpires, who uncharitably no- balled him for chucking, besides a sustained campaign by some others, including former Australian prime minister John Howard, to deprive Sri Lanka of their biggest match winner till date.
Critics on Capitol Hill uncharitably pointed out that these new proposed stimulus expenditures would be a violation of the law since the repayments were supposed to be used to reduce the deficit.
This political vision of all races and creeds living together in harmony constitutes what some cynics uncharitably might view as a latter day Garden of "Even.
He quotes Hamann appositely: "The lectio of a true critic consists merely in dissolving the text of his other brothers into its elements, without violently or uncharitably interfering with his ability to consent" (305).
Some people might uncharitably think councils are trying to steer attention away from their own failings last February," he said.
Uncharitably, we put the thing straight in the classifieds and a week later trousered pounds 400
They work out as a sort of penance for gorging on key lime pie or remarking, uncharitably, on how the notion of discussing poetry with Nancy Pelosi is as attractive as the idea of going out on a toot with Harry Reid.
This is the Neuhaus who aimed to be a "thorough revolutionary" during the 1960s and who later brokered a political alliance between Roman Catholics and evangelical Protestants in order more effectively to wage a cultural war against the social changes that flowed from that same decade: This Neuhaus uncharitably savaged his ideological enemies in his monthly column for First Things and walked a free line between predicting that the culture war was on the verge of erupting into violence and actively inciting such violence.
But only if we take what Harold Demsetz uncharitably describes as the "nirvana" approach to public policy, which assumes that, once economists have identified a market failure, the government can correct it.
Church historians, he says, have focused too uncharitably on his alleged failings--womanizing and abuse of power--and he re-balances the scale by setting out the important contributions he made.