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of a particle or body or system

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A prosecutor and Knight's attorneys sought a delay to prepare for the hearing, which Deputy District Attorney Cynthia Barnes said might include evidence of a "very large stack of uncharged crimes.
The court's presiding judge, Mary Ann Bearden, on Tuesday ruled that the affidavit contained "extremely sensitive information from young sources concerning the charged offense and many other uncharged offenses.
Moore is one of two AFCCA cases this past term that analyzes a specific type of aggravation evidence: uncharged misconduct.
This morning a Nottinghamshire Police spokesman said he remained in custody, as yet uncharged.
The molecular weight cut-off for the TFC SR3 is such that the membrane will pass monovalent salts like sodium chloride, yet provide high retention of multivalent ions and uncharged organic solutes.
The updated NQF never-event list includes 21 events from NQF's original 2002 list that have remained uncharged, plus six never events for which specifications have changed and the addition of a new event (artificial insemination via the wrong donor).
A neutrino is an uncharged elementary particle that has any of three forms and that interacts only rarely with other particles.
The polystyrene particles we used for the studies with the macrophages and erythrocytes were either uncharged, amino-modified, or carboxylate-modified (Rothen-Rutishauser B, Gehr P, Schurch S, unpublished data).
This uncharged media is a special blend of cotton and polyester fibers whose dust holding capacity increases as the filter loads.
Within a day, the arrested were released uncharged from Al Muthan airbase, but IFTU headquarters remained shut for seven months.
Unlike bleach, chlorine dioxide is an uncharged gas that is insoluble in water, which allows the solution to be flushed away in less time and with less water volume.
More than 20 other members and sympathisers, however, remain uncharged but in custody, including party leader and prominent Islamic ideologue Hassan Turabi.
The appeals court held that the warrantless search, conducted at the request of police who were seeking evidence of an uncharged crime, did not violate the prisoner's right to be free of unreasonable searches, even though the search did not serve any purpose related to prison security, because the prisoner was a convicted offender, not a pretrial detainee.
Other uncharged, unrelated crimes, even those growing out of the same fact pattern as the crime or crimes charged, do not fall within the protections of the Sixth Amendment.