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lacking requisite official documentation or endorsement


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In Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District, Tim Soto is one of eight uncertified teachers, all responsible for career and technology courses.
Last year on public's complaint, police had arrested an uncertified LNG dealer from the area of Bari Imam, who was later released after taking heavy bribe from him.
Sassmap), had written DTI offices in Western Visayas, Negros Occidental and Central Visayas to alert them about the sale of uncertified and substandard angle bars.
DTI 4-A warns retailers and wholesalers to refrain from selling substandard and uncertified products and encourages them to support the Departments goal in eradicating the proliferation of injurious and harmful products in the market places.
Uncertified teachers would have to be approved by local school leaders.
On a more basic level--and as a potential direct competitor for Dynon's D10A retrofit EFIS--is Garmin's $2000 uncertified G5 electronic flight instrument.
Chairperson TEVTA Irfan Qaiser Sheikh said this while addressing the progress review meeting of RPL programme for uncertified skilled force throughUstad Shagird programme here at TEVTA Secretariat.
The meeting between representatives of 18 steel producers took place in Dusseldorf, Germany with the ultimate goal of developing joint working plan of action to combat the presence of dangerous, uncertified, counterfeit steel on global markets.
Three trucks carrying 60 tonnes of uncertified potatoes worth e1/425,000 were seized at the Pergamos crossing in the Famagusta area, police said on Thursday.
SASSMAPI) wrote BOC Commissioner Alberto Lina about the sale and pending auction of uncertified angle bars, which the agency's Intelligence Group seized.
In 2009 the Legislature made it illegal to sell a home equipped with an uncertified wood stove.
Historically the alfalfa seed market in Pakistan has been met in large part by uncertified varieties of seeds that grow lower quality alfalfa forage in comparison to those offered by SandW.
Foundries are faced with strong unfair competition from uncertified products from China and India, while the state has no yet developed any legal mechanisms to contain it, say Macedonian business owners.
The record date for shareholders who are entitled to attend the General Meeting is recorded as 23 April 2014 and only shareholders listed in the statement from the registry of uncertified shares of the bank on that date will be entitled to attend, vote and exercise shareholder rights at the General Meeting.
While the state granted 2,578 waivers to uncertified teachers in the 2008-2009 school year, it has given only 491 so far this year.