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in an unsteady manner

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He was not very big, and he walked rather stiffly and uncertainly on his paper legs; but he had a pleasant face, with very red cheeks and very blue eyes, and he bowed so low to the strangers that Dorothy laughed, and the breeze from her mouth nearly blew the Captain over.
And the young Prince, the relentless rival of the Great King, sped away upon his fiery steed, -- this future Stadtholder who had been but the day before very uncertainly established in his new power, but for whom the burghers of the Hague had built a staircase with the bodies of John and Cornelius, two princes as noble as he in the eyes of God and man.
And sliding from the bed before I could hinder her, she crossed the room, walking very uncertainly, threw it back, and bent out, careless of the frosty air that cut about her shoulders as keen as a knife.
The leaders hoped that Tayyip Erdogan, who is on a visit to India, would make efforts to end political uncertainly, prevailing in the region since decades.
Philippine stocks fell sharply Tuesday as investors turned risk averse on uncertainly over the economic direction that the United States would take under President-elect Donald Trump.
BRITONS' spending on designer clothes and dining out has increased significantly on last year amid uncertainly following the Brexit vote, a survey suggests.
The risks regarding the achievement of the basic macroeconomic scenario remain unfavorable and are connected to the uncertainly of the political situation at home and in the region, the National Bank says in its report.
The Centre for Economics and Business Research reckons uncertainly over Brexit will combine with an already weakening market to take the heat out of the property market.
The building has been beautifully re-done from top to bottom and, with uncertainly in rent stabilization laws, this was a great buy because it's almost all decontrolled and has its air rights intact for future development, said Graff, noting that the new owners plan a long-term hold of the property maintained as a rental.
Managing director Paul Hardisty said: "The decision to move to a single site operation was largely driven by the uncertainly in the oil and gas industry.
uncertainly from our business and positions our licensing group to really
Good people all, they do their utmost for those who elect them, despite an ever-changing cycle of party dogma, leaving many parked up by the roadside dithering uncertainly about which way to go.
The difference of just 1,473 votes in favor of Andrej Zernovski, candidate of the opposition Alliance for the Future, the uncertainly whether a mayor would be elected in the first election round as a result of the slow count by the State Election Commission and the claims of the opposition that the Interior Ministry issued biometric passports to resident of Pustec, Albania, with street addresses in Centar, hated up the atmosphere in this Skopje municipality in the lead-up to the second round of vote Sunday.
Business - large and small - will be looking for the Chancellor to take some very definite steps to make it easier and more attractive to recruit during what is clearly still a time of great uncertainly.