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in an unceremonious manner

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Do you mean to suggest so unceremoniously that I too .
These extensive arrangements occasioned us to be cut off unceremoniously in respect of breakfast; "for I an't," said Mrs.
Two guards attended the mercer who made him traverse a court and enter a corridor in which were three sentinels, opened a door and pushed him unceremoniously into a low room, where the only furniture was a table, a chair, and a commissary.
Two of the men rolled the rat-faced corpse unceremoniously into the grave, after first stripping it of its weapons and various other articles which the several members of the party coveted for their own.
Instead, steel fingers gripped his shoulder, and he was swung unceremoniously around, to meet the cold gray eyes of the stranger who had thwarted him on the previous day.
Coulson, but if I were in your position, and knew that a friendly country was feeling a little bit sore at having two of her citizens disposed of so unceremoniously, I'd do my best to prove, by the only possible means, that I was taking the matter seriously.
The trapper bestowed such articles as he conceived were necessary to the comfort of the weaker and more delicate members of the party, in those pockets from which he had so unceremoniously expelled the treasures of the unconscious naturalist, and then gave way for Middleton to place Inez in one of those seats which he had prepared on the back of the animal for her and her companion.
She was still pursuing this train of discourse, when Hugh, somewhat unceremoniously and irreverently, followed his young master out, and left her to edify the rest of the company.
The dry-goods stores were not down among the counting-houses, banks, and wholesale warerooms, where gentlemen most do congregate, but Jo found herself in that part of the city before she did a single errand, loitering along as if waiting for someone, examining engineering instruments in one window and samples of wool in another, with most unfeminine interest, tumbling over barrels, being half-smothered by descending bales, and hustled unceremoniously by busy men who looked as if they wondered `how the deuce she got there'.
You speak very unceremoniously of my kindred," said Phoebe, debating with herself whether she ought to take offence.
Poor Mr Krane has been unceremoniously sacked by the ageing Saturday Night fever heart-throb as he attempts to regain his former glory.
Bergkamp won't be going to Japan and Korea after Holland were unceremoniously knocked out of the qualifiers.
But the night ended unceremoniously, with Lakers fans dreading the news about Bryant.
Bodies unceremoniously dumped as trash is so far from the truth.
Junior Seau was unceremoniously traded to Miami - given away, really - for late draft picks and suddenly the Chargers aren't the Chargers.