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Synonyms for unceremonial

without ceremony or formality

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There are many lessons to be learnt from this rather unceremonial history.
But when it comes to prize-package wedding lore, nothing could beat the experience of my own parents way back in 1926 - even though their marriage was largely unattended and distinctly unceremonial.
he unceremonial end of Ken Clarke's political career is a sad demise for a man who always stood apart from both his own party and from the political norm.
The circumstances of the killings and unceremonial disposal of the bodies in these graves had prohibited the community from carrying out its traditional rituals and grieving, thereby exacerbating the anxiety and disquiet of the community.
The contrast between the unceremonial exterior and the emotions conjured by the internal spaces could not be greater.
Under the circumstances, one might well expect all members of the profession (or at the very least early Americanists concerned to explicate the origins of the nation) to throw up their hands and bid an unceremonial farewell to synthesis.
After La Haye's unceremonial return to France, Louis will forgo sending a new ambassador, and indeed, France will have no representative at the Porte until 1665.