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having no cause or apparent cause

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For those who were first to philosophize about the natures of things held that to become is nothing other than to be altered, so that the substance of things which they called matter is a completely uncaused first principle.
The argument Kant presents to challenge the "transcendental freedom" of uncaused causality revolves around its alleged incoherence.
One way to test is to present the agent with a putative counterexample: say, an alleged uncaused event in the quantum void.
Belief in any other so-called freedom rests on the prescientific idea that human actions are the uncaused doings of "autonomous man," an invisible person within us who makes choices for us that are independent of our circumstances (p.
Meanwhile, God is the unmoved mover and uncaused cause, as we may recall from some long-ago religion class.
By not examining the source of the purported cognitive mechanisms, the mechanisms are treated as uncaused.
In response to this question some philosophers claim that an agent can be the cause of bodily movements called actions while remaining an uncaused cause of his actions.
Einstein's cryptic statement meant this: God is the uncaused substance of all things, a metaphysical entity, and the comprehensive and self-sufficient basis for reality; more to the point, Spinoza's God is an impersonal God and no more concerned with the plight of humanity than with a colony of ants.
The attributes of omnipotence, omnipresence, of being the first uncaused cause, purpose and end of the world are all affirmed a priori of the Christian God; they inhere in his definition, without them He is not God.
Within Christian theology, the source and summit of the all is God--the Uncaused Cause--the Unmoved Mover--the Beatific Vision--the Alpha and the Omega of life for all eternity.
In order for there to be causes undergoing and transmitting change there must first be an uncaused cause to originate the movement.
Sex, as other gods are sometimes said to be, is its own uncaused cause, a power, with value, unto itself, not a stepchild of anything else, including autonomy, rational choice, reason, or morality in any of its other forms.
They also thought this uncaused, random swerve explained how free will can overcome inexorable determination by natural forces.
Chapter three in Part Two presents a nuanced version of the argument of the uncaused first cause, well reviewed in Classical Apologetics, mentioned above.
She has published more than seventy poems in her lifetime, some of which are great and will almost surely last, but all of which exhibit the most legitimate kind of necessity for any species of writing: they tell us something that needs saying and which bears repeating, that the mystery of life and poetry lies in the almost ungraspable existential fact that, through uncaused grace, there is something rather than nothing.