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having no cause or apparent cause

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Likewise, you cannot make every cause of behavior be a controlling agent by calling it one, nor can you prove the unreality or undesirability of freedom by redefining it as uncaused and so unintelligible behavior.
Maybe I should pray, offer a plea and reach out to that mysterious God, the unmoved mover, the uncaused substance.
If we do not want to bring in actual experience analyzed inductively, all that I see pure logic providing us is the knowledge that there must be one uncaused (or "unconditioned") cause in the universe that is eternal, a "ground of all being.
If we lived in such a world (or indeed, if such a world can even be conceived of) it would be truly miraculous if there existed an "objective" method for predicting uncaused events.
Craig then suggests that the causal agent must itself be uncaused and eternal, and be a 'personal agent'.
Like Dr Wieland and many other Christians, I agree it is plausible to assert that the creation of the universe cannot be explained without God or a Supreme Being (in philosophical terms: the ultimate cause, the uncaused cause).
the alleged ability to act uncaused by anything other than one's
According to quantum physics, particles can be in two different places at the same time and utterly random, uncaused events occur.
To rebut skeptical challenges by satisfying the principle of sufficient reason, a theory of causes must posit a thing that both is the cause of all other things--including the cause of other things' causal powers--and is itself uncaused or self-caused, this thing is thus characterized as an unmoved mover.
Although a thorough review of the broader literature on race lies beyond the scope of this paper, my approach clarifies an important dividing line in current discourse: whether we treat racism as a dependent variable (as proposed here) or regard it as a universal phenomenon--ultimately, an uncaused cause.
Thus, what it means to be God is to be, and God is the uncaused cause of all beings.
Yet because humanity belonged to the realm of powers and not of things, humans acted in ways uncaused by divine force; in effect, they chose evil--they sinned.
Though this term perhaps fails to account for those persons who do not acknowledge the existence of an uncaused Cause, it has the virtue of describing the internal perspective of the religious practitioner, who sees herself not as being religious but rather as cultivating a relationship with the Supreme Being.
If a recession were caused by hitting the brakes hard, it could be uncaused by taking the foot off the brakes.
A term coined to represent this context is uncaused causer (Greene and Cohen 2004), which recognizes that current behavior is not perceived to be controlled by anyone or anything external to the decision maker (Levy 2003).