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not categorized or sorted

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My remaining, uncategorized photos all seem, at first, to display the same rough, thick, multilayered rhytidome--the iconic representation of bark that I held in my mind's eye before starting this project.
23) It looks to become just another uncategorized cyber action, and we may have missed our best opportunity to begin setting out boundaries for illegal behavior in cyberspace.
TOTAL STATE UNDERGRADUATE AID BY TYPE, 2007-2008 Special purpose awards 13% Based on need and merit 14% Based only on merit 19% Based only on need 48% Uncategorized 6% Source: National Association of State Student Grant and Aid Programs, 2009.
Data mining is the process of revealing the certain features from uncategorized set of entities parameters.
In southern and western camps, only 70-74 percent of revenue was from summer registration fees; however, these programs reported an average of about 15 percent of revenue from "other, uncategorized sources.
Eastern Europeans account for 26 percent or a little over a quarter of the uncategorized representatives.
There is also an increasing requirement for dynamic risk analysis of uncategorized sites and pages.
Taking the existing state of art and culture as a force field of information flow, which in its turn operates with the flows of attention, many uncategorized information areas that come to life become entirely possible.
It blocks uncategorized sites based on the signature files in the company's database.
In addition to reputation-based filtering, real-time classification of uncategorized Web sites is required as well as the ability to enforce the "safe search" feature of the leading search engines.
Although we have already shown examples where students used the "zero is nothing" analogy when explaining 3x0 and 0x3, many uncategorized explanations for 0x0 were related to this analogy.
We cannot, as some meditative traditions suggest, 'get beyond' our categories and have a purely uncategorized and unconceptualized experience.
To this end, she asserts that in Parade Satie devised a "ludic celebration" associated with the " 'liminal,' or the socially uncategorized and transformative" which was characterized by a "sensory overload created by a Rabelaisian profusion of images and the intermingling of categories" (p.
An uncategorized page is then compressed with each genre-specific compressor in turn and categorized into the genre associated with the most effective compressor.
Taking a different approach from in-document search-based software, FileBASE is designed to "narrow the universe" of files via metadata classification, and then search inside only the remaining uncategorized documents.