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not categorized or sorted

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The problems with allowing access to uncategorized sites
Together, we made an interesting, unique, and uncategorized duo.
For each program, both categorized and uncategorized amplitude histograms were input into the BPNN's for burst pressure prediction.
only comes with categorizations for a some popular fonts (around 250 of them), and other fonts show up in the uncategorized list.
Eastern Europeans account for 26 percent or a little over a quarter of the uncategorized representatives.
It blocks uncategorized sites based on the signature files in the company's database.
Taking a different approach from in-document search-based software, FileBASE is designed to "narrow the universe" of files via metadata classification, and then search inside only the remaining uncategorized documents.
Failing to recognize a particular URL can have serious consequences, as the choices are either to allow an uncategorized site through (and risk damage from malicious or inappropriate content) or to block all uncategorized sites, which can greatly annoy users and reduce their ability to do their jobs.
Many other projects are likewise uncategorized, so perform a few searches and you may find a hidden gem.
Clark comes into the race relatively uncategorized politically - his party affiliation was uncertain until recently - but he has taken certain positions that should appeal to Democratic voters.
He is ecumenical in his selection of sources, beginning his bibliography with manuscripts from the British Library, the National Army Museum, the Public Record office, and the National Library of Scotland, followed directly by such as the Wargamers Newsletter and the Journal of the Napoleonic Association, then for fifteen pages lists uncategorized printed memoirs, letters, articles, monographs and syntheses.
In the cases of prolific authors, the lists of uncategorized item numbers can be daunting.
The object, though still unnamed and uncategorized, may reveal new details about the Milky Way's core, which in visible light is hopelessly obscured by the dust between it and Earth.
1974 -- The National Assembly conferred over an interpellation motion, presented by MP Khaled Al-Masud Al-Fehaid, against Finance and Oil Minister Abdulrahman Al-Ateeqi during the 3rd legislative term over uncategorized customs service employees who were on a daily payroll.