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not categorized or sorted

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Some could not be separated to species, but belong to the steppe/imperial/golden eagle group judging by size, while others were uncategorised beyond eagle level.
A highly competent and respected rider, normally operating in the uncategorised area that separates the superstar from the journeyman, he suddenly - although pleasant to report, not literally - combusted.
Selective browsing also allows for searches on unrated and uncategorised images in folders.
Through proprietary processes and the company's WebCatcher feature--by which uncategorised Web sites accessed by customers are sent back to Websense for review--Websense is able to identify spyware servers and block employees from unknowingly sending data to them via back-channel port 80 connections.
More garbage has been written about [Frank Gehry] than any other architect of his generation," Reyner Banham noted in 1987, "but all attempts to push him into any known taxonomy--even postmodernist--tend to leave him uncategorised.
Getting the right visitors is far more important than filling a site with uncategorised, unsupervised browsers.