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Synonyms for uncanny

Synonyms for uncanny

of a mysteriously strange and usually frightening nature

Synonyms for uncanny

suggesting the operation of supernatural influences

surpassing the ordinary or normal

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It was in those first few days that a shared ambiance of uncanniness emerged among anybody in Vulturilor.
Memento Mori, especially when read with Specters of Marx in mind, shows us the value of confronting the irreducible uncanniness of experience, its undomesticated and unhomely strangeness.
Although, obviously, as everything in digital education moves on so quickly, the kinds of uncanniness we are now experiencing are quite different.
At times, the uncanniness is related to fakeness, and comes from moments that seem to be reenacting something they've already done but failed to capture on camera.
It offers a detailed analysis of the existential category of uncanniness (Unheimlichkeit), a topic that, though a "minor and irregular theme" in Heidegger's corpus, affords wide-ranging perspective on the nature of Dasein, Heidegger's term of art for human existence.
Moments of uncanniness stem from encounters with hybridity--a diseased body, a dismembered limb--in which otherness is both familiar and uneasy.
It was not just the aesthetics of the site that stimulated his emotional reverie; it was also the uncanniness of the 'fish disporting themselves' in the 'clear, fresh water' near the grove, whereas elsewhere all the water he found had been brackish (Peron 2006:66).
Hoffman's story "The Sandman," a crucial theorization of the Gothic, tends to "render uncanniness something too familiar.
Johnson goes further asserting that in this play Gloriana's bones possess an uncanniness that blurs the separation between the material and the immaterial with implications for a gendered agency that appears on the surface to be denied Gloriana.
The effect falls into the "uncanny valley," in which human-like features on synthetic or non-human faces produce an "eerie" feeling in viewers; scientists have observed uncanniness in primates, which are biologically close to, and yet not, human beings.
Uncanniness instigates repossession of the self, what Heidegger termed Dasein; it 'triggers those key moments in which Angst brings Dasein face to face with its terrible freedom to be or not to be, to dwell in inauthenticity or strive for self-possession'.
In these texts, the resort to phantasmagoreality and ghostscreens, along with the sense of uncanniness inherent to these presences evinces the hollow identity of the subject and the concern in these texts with presenting a discontinuous and utterly defamiliarized existence.
For Gross, their uncanniness is palpable during performances but it works even at second remove, if one remembers the creepiness of the Ventriloquist's Dummy sequence, starring Michael Redgrave, in the British anthology film Dead of Night (1945), in which the possessed puppet takes over the voice of the puppeteer.
However, after considering the manifest motivation behind the figure of the double, we have to own that none of this helps us understand the extraordinary degree of uncanniness that attaches to it, and we may add, drawing upon our knowledge of pathological mental processes, that none of this content could explain the defensive urge that ejects from the ego as something alien.
Instead, the installation seemed to open up those processes and systems and the resulting ambiguity of inside and outside, clean and unclean, organic and industrial, familiar and unfamiliar, prompted a sensation of uncanniness and abjection rather than a triumphal circuit of creation or completion.