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Synonyms for uncanny

Synonyms for uncanny

of a mysteriously strange and usually frightening nature

Synonyms for uncanny

suggesting the operation of supernatural influences

surpassing the ordinary or normal

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A fresh perspective is what keeps literary definitions of death animated, so to speak, and because "[e]ach death proves / death still lives, / when lives regular" (O'Driscoll 1987: 33), such definitions also provide a therapeutic opportunity to confront death's uncanniness on multiple new levels.
Hopper's description of the general application of uncanniness applies, I think, more to the presentation of landscape in The Third Policeman than to O'Brien's characterization.
His uncanniness extends to the other narrators as well, causing the reader to question their "reality" and recognize their voices as chimerical.
But the fact that Verbinski chooses to follow Nakata so closely in many important respects gives the remake an enhanced sense of mediated uncanniness, as if it were the ghost of a ghost created by globalization.
In any case, the uncanniness is pronounced, and a new partition--one that is psychological and spiritual as well--emerges between Moses and his associates, in addition to whatever deferences and protocols are already in place.
When all is said and done, the quality of uncanniness can only come from the fact of the "double" being a creation dating back to a very early mental stage, long since surmounted--a stage, incidentally, at which it wore a more friendly aspect.
Often the mise en scone contains floating elements--bullets, spent ammunition, water droplets--whose slowed or stilled trajectories enhance the visual uncanniness.
21] The uncanniness of Margaret's encounter with the 'suicide' at Millbank arises not only from a sense that a suicide cannot be there, but also from the sense that Margaret should be there: that Margaret is to encounter herself when she peers through the inspection flap of the cell: "'It is really I who should have been put there
The reception of Coleridge's pure lyricism is partly caught up with the fin de siecle discourse about women's poetry, but the uncanniness of the lyrical excess they diagnose, I wish to argue, is produced out of Coleridge's specific close female circle.
22) We see this uncanniness most directly referenced, perhaps, in an exchange between Banks and a Japanese colonel, who observes that "our childhood becomes like a foreign land once we have grown" (297).
Yeadon (accompanied for most of the year by his wife, Anne) has done what all serious students of literature dream about: he has followed the trail of one of his favorite books, Christ Stopped at Eboli by Carlo Levi, to experience for himself the uncanniness of southern Italy, replete with its superstition, poverty, ancient ways, curses, and the supernatural.
T]he quality of uncanniness can only come from the circumstances of the 'double' being a creation dating back to a very mental stage".
The condition under which the feeling of uncanniness arises here is unmistakable.
Narrative simplicity serves to intensify the uncanniness of Sebald's tales.
W]e might think of philosophical scepticism as differentiated from itself, as always already split between its doctrinal or systematic realization and the anxious mood of which those doctrines are the intellectual expression; its philosophical authenticity resides in its beyondness to its own self-image, in the uncanniness that speaks silently before and beyond its assertions.