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Synonyms for uncanny

Synonyms for uncanny

of a mysteriously strange and usually frightening nature

Synonyms for uncanny

suggesting the operation of supernatural influences

surpassing the ordinary or normal

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He also got huge laughs for his uncannily accurate descriptions of Saturday nights out in Swansea and Newport.
Tracking a tale of forbidden love and literal social climbing amid a macaque clan in Sri Lanka, this Mark Linfield-directed docu-fiction contains typically top-shelf nature photography, an uncannily relatable cast of primate characters, and an anthropomorphic narrative complex enough that one can't help but wonder how much it was actively massaged for maximum impact.
Front man Scott Maley plays an uncannily realistic 'Freddie' with just the right look, stage persona and, most importantly of all, the most incredibly powerful voice.
Others opted for uncannily realistic tiger designs - the Bangladesh cricket team are nicknamed the Tigers - and the talent of the local artists could be the key to England's hopes in the World Twenty20.
At PS6, it is a real bargain and uncannily similar to the more expensive version.
5) 28 Unclean (5) 29 Suspect (7) 30 Burnt remains (5) 31 Playing card with two spots (5) 2 Agroupof acrobats (6) 3 Lords (6) 4 Falsehood (3) 5 An assumed name (5) 6 Not combed (hair) (7) 7 Notices (4) 8 Snuggle up (6) 12 Weeps (5) 13 Wading bird (5) 14 Topic of interest (5) 15 Axle (5) 16 Description of rustic life (5) 18 Turns (5) 19 Unsubstantial (7) 21 Prevents (6) 22 Low seat, - - - longue (6) 23 Relating to milk (6) 25 Uncannily disturbing (5) 26 Yield (territory) (4) 28 Shell that fails to explode (3)
But the stunning shots are uncannily like those legendary photographer Norman Parkinson took of Jerry, now 55, for UK Vogue in Jamaica 37 years ago when she was just 19.
Uncannily, or maybe not, little more than an hour later it was announced over the hotel intercom that no one need leave the building while the alarm system was tested.
The wordily-titled Your Uncannily Magical Live Art Comedy Experience at Vinny's Flat is designed to introduce more experimental performers to Liverpool's comedy audiences.
The new Typhoo ad invites us on a leisurely meander through the brand's 100-year history via newspaper clippings, Brylcreem-soaked blokes and old commercials featuring singing donkeys that look uncannily like Rod Hull.
Peter Gram a psychiatrist who realizes the girl uncannily knows things about the murder she couldnt know.
un*can*ni*ly \-'ka-n[schwa]-l[macron over e]\ adverb <They look uncannily similar.
Skeletons look uncannily real and fine structures such as networks of blood vessels can easily be seen.
Add to that the complication that while she's hoping he will leave his wife, in her job she is helping a writer to save her crumbling marriage - one that seems uncannily like the one she's hoping will end.
Coincidentally, Fuse's gay, gossipy office manager, Jeff, looks uncannily like The Office's Rainn Wilson.