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undo the braids of

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Who Would Unbraid Her Hair: The Legend of Annie Mae.
One could become fossilized trying to unbraid the intermingled receipts, conjoined payments, overlapping expenses, and interlocking trustees that constitute his non-profit empire.
And when we did, she would unbraid her hair, and there would be that wonderful blond wake behind us in the water.
rejecting a free exercise claim by a Rastafarian inmate who did not want to unbraid his dreadlocks), cert.
listening: water sings under the ice as fish braid and unbraid their
Every night I unbraid her hair; to live for her a craft.
Thin ribbons of cloud and half a ruinous moon in an afternoon sky: meager sun gilds asphalt briefly and slides out of sight as the furnace kicks on again: in the tumult of equivalences between split log and smoke, margin and note, my knowledge unbraids itself from freed finitudes: and whatever sense of the possible the afternoon offers vanishes in a lethal twilight broken by a single steeple, an abandoned railway bridge spanning here and there, value and use, the shape this city assumes
Blissfully barefoot on Europe's beaches, she unbraids her bright hair, right down to her knees.
His effort is not well received: bystanders pelt him with stones and the narrator, although following him in his flight and joining up with him, unbraids his poetry as 'a disease' and exacts a promise (using violence as a threat) from him to desist.
Then she feels for her own stubby braids, unbraids them, liking the coarseness like a working man's hand.