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Synonyms for unbowed

erect in posture

not forced to bow down to a conqueror

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TEAM BESIKTAS STOKE 31 STOKE boss Tony Pulis was beaten but unbowed after seeing his side lose their unbeaten record in the Europa League and finish in second place in Group E.
The Steelbacks suffered their first loss this summer in all formats in their first T20 outing against Leicestershire but bounced back with victory over previously unbowed Warwickshire on Sunday.
Unbowed, Mrs Duffy asked the Deputy Prime Minister to "look me in the eye and tell me" he was happy with the current Government cuts.
Unbowed, Mrs Duffy said: "Can you honestly tell me now, look me in the eye, and say that you are quite happy about all those policies that have gone wrong for you and your party?
This one-off documentary follows the story which enthralled the world, from the efforts of the drilling teams trying to cut through the mud and rock to reach the men, the psychologists and doctors who treated them, and, of course, the miners themselves, whose strength of character and collective spirit saw them emerge from 70 days underground, unbowed and undefeated.
The popular uproar over Brown's unbowed head and Mrs Janes' screech at the Prime Minister reinforces my belief that our honouring the dead has been hijacked by factions which have other axes to grind.
Yet he departs unbowed, still a Churchill in his own mind.
And even though Cardiff couldn't write the perfect ending to their incredible success story, City were beaten but unbowed against Portsmouth as the Bluebirds were credited for putting the spark back into the greatest cup competition in the world.
He has a rare knack with the unbowed female persona that he provides for his sister Margo to sing.
The list -- veteran Claudio Reyna, bloodied but unbowed Brian McBride, Clint Dempsey -- went on, every one seeming to step us as the team's character and chemistry had been called into question.
But typically unbowed, he joked: "I'm not addicted to cocaine, I just like the way it smells.
It takes guts to take on the disease and emerge unbowed on the other side.
03-10529 (5/20/04) leaves the IRS bloodied, but unbowed, in its ongoing valuation discount struggle to expand retained interests principles to LLCs and family limited partnerships under IRC Section 2036.
McGirr tells how, bloodied but unbowed, they rallied behind Ronald Reagan and propelled him into California's state house in 1966.
But like the Pharisees, I wrestle with the difference between the bending of the knee and the unyielding, unbowed heart.