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Soon the study of Greek was introduced into England, also, first at Oxford; and it was cultivated with such good results that when, early in the sixteenth century, the great Dutch student and reformer, Erasmus, unable through poverty to reach Italy, came to Oxford instead, he found there a group of accomplished scholars and gentlemen whose instruction and hospitable companionship aroused his unbounded delight.
This was the unbounded power of eloquence --of words--of burning noble words.
Graham, glancing at me - I suppose I was smiling at my mother's unbounded confidence in that worthy gentleman - 'Mr.
He loved her with an unbounded passion, and plainly saw the tender sentiments she had for him; yet could not this assurance lessen his despair of obtaining the consent of her father, nor the horrors which attended his pursuit of her by any base or treacherous method.
The passing clouds I detest--those stealthy cats of prey: they take from thee and me what is common to us--the vast unbounded Yea- and Amen-saying.
No one will say it is unmanly to be captivated by a woman, or, being captivated, to marry her; and the admiration, the delight, the passion, the wonder, the unbounded confidence, and frantic adoration with which, by degrees, this big warrior got to regard the little Rebecca, were feelings which the ladies at least will pronounce were not altogether discreditable to him.
As for shawls, kid gloves, silk stockings, gold French watches, bracelets and perfumery, he sent them in with the profusion of blind love and unbounded credit.
But I was in reality very ill, and surely nothing but the unbounded and unremitting attentions of my friend could have restored me to life.
The statement lauded the Gulf leaders' unbounded support for GCC legislative councils to be an active partner in setting up policies to promote the GCC march.
Under Obama's proposal, the use of military force would be authorized for three years, unbounded by national borders.
The Scope of Bounded and Unbounded Institutional Structures
Dedicated midwives whose skill brings unbounded joy into the world?
Some infinities are bigger than other infinities', and we should be grateful for the unbounded set that we have been granted.
Such processes have unbounded spectral densities at the origin.
THE Welsh regions' mixed results over the first six matches in the RaboDirect Pro12 does not fill me with unbounded confidence that this will be the season that ends the drought in the Heineken Cup and produces a Welsh champion.