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Synonyms for unblushing

characterized by or done without shame

Synonyms for unblushing

feeling no shame


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He spoke, unblushingly, words that have since been all but banished from the political lexicon--"poverty," "poor," and "redistribution.
Needless today, this was from "one of the boys" who unblushingly admitted that he would like to see them universal.
Verite retains an unblushingly subversive element that has been a constant in Jones's work.
Where Kurtzman is unblushingly predictive, Bennett and Lotus are merely prescriptive.
Because they show our leaders at their slimiest and most patronising, unblushingly trotting out the usual load of lies and distortions, once more proving the truth of that old aphorism: "If you can fake sincerity you've cracked it.
Inside the Shanghai Drug Store I could not help but notice the continuous crowds around the counter which features the birth-control literature and unblushingly sells to men and women the unpackaged, unwrapped contraceptive devices.
They liked a dance which was a dance, and fine clothes which no one could mistake for working clothes, and feasts that no one could mistake for ordinary dinners, and poetry that unblushingly proclaimed itself to be poetry.
Millions and tens of millions of dollars, due from Southern traders for goods of recent purchase, and now perhaps mostly on their shelves, or due on the most sacred of honorary obligations, have thus been, within the last three months, unblushingly repudiated, and irrevocably lost to the mercantile classes of our cities.
I am the king of the world," he said unblushingly on winning Best Director in 1998.
starve, while we grow fat, in a literary sense, on the good things of which we unblushingly pick the pocket of all Europe" (Mabbott 1209).
Later relationships reveal him as unblushingly obsessive and melodramatic, like his Cairo heroines.
But if the white parent is the father, instead of the mother, the offspring are unblushingly reared for the market" (Jacobs, 1987, p.
Future art critic Helen Appleton Read, a Smith College graduate and former student of William Merritt Chase, recalled her delight that in Henri's class she "heard Walt Whitman for the first time unblushingly discussed in a mixed gathering.
Truly she resists the ordinance of God by worshiping the idol of her own will, in that she spurns her rightful King and in her madness unblushingly barters for license to do evil rights her own with a King not her own.
disrespected by their fellow Americans, who unblushingly thwarted their