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Synonyms for unbiased

Synonyms for unbiased

Synonyms for unbiased

characterized by a lack of partiality

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without bias


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Section 3 will detail the data used in the analysis, while section 4 describes the methodology undertaken to determine whether the market is pricing the securities unbiasedly.
I used the year analysing teams unbiasedly, assessing different systems and working out how I would coach them.
As a political commentator, it was my job to report, as unbiasedly as I could, from both sides, I said.
However, the public's forecast error for inflation over the fourth quarter of 1979 to the fourth quarter of 1988 is also biased, which suggests unanticipated demand and supply shocks made inflation difficult to predict unbiasedly over that short sample period.
Even if, as is remotely possible, the authors of such texts really did try to write unbiasedly, they are sufficiently intelligent and well educated enough to know that their cartoons are hopelessly biased against sportsmen's rights.
Russia urges the United States to assess unbiasedly the situation in Syria and revise its large-scale plans to arm the so-called moderate opposition, the foreign ministry spokesman said.
A], which can be estimated unbiasedly from the images by manual counting techniques or with image analyzers.