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The weaklings and cowards they had promptly eaten, and the unbelievable tale of their many heads adorning the canoe-houses was part of the myth.
By what he calculated was eleven o'clock, the wind had become unbelievable.
Margaret Henan was forty-seven when the news came home of the loss of Samuel; and it was not long after that the unbelievable rumour went around Island McGill.
When Sara Dack gave the babe's unbelievable weight, Island McGill refused to believe and once again called her liar.
And Dave proceeded in the face of a growing conviction that was unbelievable.
And still the thought that forced itself into his mind was unbelievable.
Also, of all unbelievable men to be in funds, he so found the town drunkard for whom he had bought many a drink in the old and palmy days.
What happened after this is an almost unbelievable story, but you may read it, dear children, in the chapters that follow.
Thus did she laugh, the unbelievable one; but never do I believe her and her laughter, when she speaketh evil of herself.
The stories they tell about how much wheat they got to the acre are almost unbelievable.
However, our pleadings fell on deaf ears - a totally unbelievable response which has caused so much anger and frustration among our members.
And he rapped: "For the first goal the referee gave a free-kick that was unbelievable.
I witnessed the most unbelievable decisions I've ever been witness to in my 30 years of football.
The provocation the England fans had was unbelievable.
stated, "The fact that a lawyer in good standing with the Bar can perpetrate a fraud such as this without ramifications from the District Attorney's office or the Bar Association is simply unbelievable.