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Synonyms for unbalance

to make insane

serious mental illness or disorder impairing a person's capacity to function normally and safely

Synonyms for unbalance

a lack of balance or state of disequilibrium

a state of mental disturbance and disorientation

throw out of balance or equilibrium

derange mentally, throw out of mental balance


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Techniques to address the potential for unbalanced bids include requiring a detailed traffic control plan for each phase, ensuring accurate estimates, carefully analyzing bids to detect reasons for unbalanced amounts, rejecting and re-advertising bids when unbalancing occurs, disqualifying offending bidders, and setting minimum bid amounts on certain items.
They covered their spaces and forwards Pablo Wanchope and Hernan Medford were unbalancing forces and changed the whole rhythm of the game.
As its name implies, UBM sputtering brings ions into the substrate region by unbalancing the magnets in the target cathode, so that the outer magnets are now stronger than the inner ones.
The idea of unbalancing the magnets was first proposed in 1986.
Domestic steel demand is soft; imported steel still has a significant market share thanks to a weak Euro; and producers who have filed Chapter 11 continue to add supply further unbalancing the market.