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Synonyms for unbalance

to make insane

serious mental illness or disorder impairing a person's capacity to function normally and safely

Synonyms for unbalance

a lack of balance or state of disequilibrium

a state of mental disturbance and disorientation

throw out of balance or equilibrium

derange mentally, throw out of mental balance


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UI must then be compared to a threshold value experimentally calibrated to determine the presence of a "significant" AFR unbalance.
Additionally, the twice-multiplied frequency pulse quantity is almost directly proportion to the increase in power grid Unbalance.
Therefore, the equations of motion for the system (Equation (6)) can be obtained substituting Equation (5) in (2) and including the generalized forces and moments caused by the rotor unbalance.
5-percent unbalance = 25-percent increase in heating.
The ABS system, as it is called, features electromagnetic coils mounted around each cathode to supplement the magnets' degree of unbalance.
Thus, for 3-wire circuit is decomposed into two components with unbalanced voltage in the CPC power theory of unbalance current, using the method of symmetrical components [6], which is not shared by the asymmetry of the load active and reactive elements explicitly.
The approach selected was based on the load flow analysis in order to determine the resulting level of voltage unbalance and the size of affected area of related transmission system.
In order to gain an understanding of tool balancing requirements, it is important to fully understand how unbalance is quantified.
To create the unbalance, the plane dived toward Earth at the same rate as gravity was tugging on the passengers.
Measurements are taken on the radial force, lateral force and tractive force variations and unbalance in the tire.
Other typical features of this model are isolation better than 20 dB across the band, return loss of higher than 18 dB, with typical phase unbalance of 0.
Another potentially useful performance characteristic not covered by EPACT is current unbalance: the percent unbalance between individual phase currents supplying the motor at rated load when running at balanced (within 0.
The 30 sampled phylogenies were distributed among many orders within the three major groups and great variation occurred in the degree of unbalance (proportion of taxa found in the more diverse group) observed in the trees (Table 1).