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Synonyms for unbalance

to make insane

serious mental illness or disorder impairing a person's capacity to function normally and safely

Synonyms for unbalance

a lack of balance or state of disequilibrium

a state of mental disturbance and disorientation

throw out of balance or equilibrium

derange mentally, throw out of mental balance


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That stresses the importance of including all bearing force coefficients in the rotor modeling in order to avoid large deviations on the prediction of the unbalance response.
b2]), which will reduce the rotor unbalance response.
ANN is normally used only to detect the unbalance from the response levels, not to provide the correction masses to balance the rotating shaft.
The training database considered contains the unbalance response obtained by mathematical modeling (Equation (6)) of the rotor bearing system and the correction masses given by any balancing process such as the plane separation technique (Equation (10)).
At a higher rpm, the vibration control method is not practical because the formula yields very low (sometimes impractically low) allowable residual unbalance.
A particular unbalance may not generate a high enough force to cause damage to a spindle, but the unbalance force vector can function like runout and spoil surface finish if the tool has more than one cutting edge.
HSK tool holders have an inherent unbalance that is difficult to correct in two planes.
This has likely been an outgrowth of applying the same unbalance standard to the tool that has been applied to the machine spindle as an assembly.
u = Unbalance in gram-millimeters M = Tool mass in kilograms RPM = Maximum spindle speed the tool will be run at in RP G = ISO 1940-1 Grade in mm/second (i.
The force created by unbalance can be calculated as follows:
F = Newtons of force due to unbalance u = Unbalance in gram-millimeters RPM = Maximum spindle speed the tool will be run at in RPM
The insufficient accuracy of gas accounting during gas flow rate and volume measurement is one of the causes of gas unbalances.
As far as the normative base for gas meters is concerned it has to be elaborated urgently because a considerable number of additional errors of gas volume measurement are not taken into account at present, which influences gas unbalances directly.
Another cause of gas unbalances during transportation in gas transportation systems is inaccurate determination of gas store in main pipelines and other gas pipelines.
Gas unbalances can also be caused by insufficient accuracy of defining production and technological gas losses and consumptions in gas transportation systems during exploitation of the systems.