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unsupported by other people

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Credit expansion to finance financial and real estate speculation or even gambling in a casino is not so harmful as unbacked ordinary business loans, at least in the beginning.
pdf" target="_blank">Gold Commission's minority report</a>, and extend the world's experiment with unbacked money for another 31 years (and counting.
When there is money for a Brian Ellison horse it''s usually reflected in the performance and LETHAL GLAZE didn''t go unbacked when making a winning debut over hurdles at Catterick.
He was always a shrewdie when he had a fancied one and rarely left them unbacked, so perhaps the Monmore bookies got away with it this time.
To that end, Whiskey Creek cannot go unbacked in the Membership At Southwell Golf Club Handicap.
The volume hologram is exposed on a contact-copy production system separate from the ID card personalisation line and left as an unbacked transparent film.
The Brian Ellison-trained 13-2 chance did not go unbacked and his followers were rewarded with a length-and-a-quarter success over Wovoka.
On the strong thesis, law that is unbacked by decisive reasons for compliance is no law at all.
The unbacked design allows for draping and skin comparison and each card features four Pantone Color name and number strips, so a single swatch can be cut and used for multiple projects.
That because--for the first time in history--the unbacked currency of one nation (the U.
It might be significant that Richard Hills returns to the fray for only one ride at the Surrey venue so it would be folly to allow Basaata to go unbacked in the EBF Pontin's Holidays Maiden Fillies' Stakes.
The president claims he has unlimited war powers in an undeclared war, and continues to tolerate that particular abomination to the Founding Fathers--paper money, unbacked by silver or gold.
Millipore continuos to expand its portfolio of unbacked lateral flow diagnostic membranes, laminated cards, and assembly kits for the clinical diagnostic manufacturer.
Polar Wall's Fullback contoured polystyrene foam backing gives the product nearly three times the impact resistance of unbacked vinyl siding, according to the maker.
Unbacked by revenue, Confederate money soon became almost worthless, costing the South its ability to finance its rebellion.