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Synonyms for unawareness

the condition of being uninformed or unaware

Synonyms for unawareness

unconsciousness resulting from lack of knowledge or attention

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While there were no significant differences by year in school, white students were significantly more colorblind than students of color in the pre-lest, posting significantly higher levels of unawareness on each factor and on overall colorblindness, t(213) = -3.
Webster identifies two main components in the definition of complacency--(1) self-satisfaction and (2) unawareness (of actual dangers or deficiencies).
NNA - 12/9/2012 MP Ammar Houry Wednesday Ex-General Security head General Jamil Sayyed's character lacks harmony with his unawareness of the explosives' presence inside former Minister Samaha's car.
Islamabad -- The Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITES (P@SHA) seems to have become active in press and blogs for quite few months but its members often complain about their unawareness association activities and programmes as one of the issues raised recently when few of its members said that they have not been consulted on the proposed amendments in the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Ordinance (PECO)
The not-for-profit organisation is also worried that the public is neglecting their vision due to a lack of understanding and a fear of sight tests, as well as unawareness that eye exams are free in Scotland.
Lilly Diabetes and drugstore chain Walgreens on Monday jointly announced the launch of a diabetes hypoglycemia awareness campaign to help combat the growing problem of hypoglycemia unawareness.
THE most 'puzzling thing' to me of Kenneth Hughes's proclaimed lack of knowledge of renewable energy sources (Views of the North, April 11) is his blissful unawareness of these.
He explained that the negligence, carelessness and unawareness about this disease leads into a very cruel and complicated form of the disease known as MDR TB.
Due to unawareness about environment degradation, a number of problems including unavailability of clean drinking water, poor sanitation, energy crises have emerged, he added.
Complacent \kem plas n(t)\ adj: the quality or state of being satisfied accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies.
The biggest faults motorists said that they found with BMW drivers were unawareness of others and a lack of concentration.
Unawareness was pretty much unanimous among some companies in Sharjah and Dubai .
We review the Theory of Structural Dissociation proposed by Nijenhuis as a way to understand the common alternation between re-experiencing trauma and detachment from or unawareness of the trauma.
This is a disturbing unawareness of their responsibilities as citizens of a democratic country.
Topics include metacognition in the math classroom, animal metacognition, links between cognition and motor function in Parkinson's disease, obsessive-compulsive disorder, memory performance, multiple intelligence and entity/incremental theories, curiosity, social metacognition in groups, studying learners' knowledge, teacher knowledge and professional development, and unawareness of deficits in Alzheimer's disease patients.