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Antonyms for unawakened

not aroused or activated


still asleep

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Sunniva begins her saga as an unawakened young girl who is despoiled of her innocence by an unknown attacker, but who grows into a woman of both intellectual and physical needs.
Tired, run-down, unawakened, frightened or plain uninterested-at-present, used.
According to Interflora an unopened rose means unawakened love; a rose in full bloom sent with two unopened buds means secret love and a white rose bud suggests charm and innocence.
However sweeping this reform, it must be weighed against today's dreadful welfare system, which condemns millions of children to grow up with so much human talent unawakened, lost to themselves and to society.
Convinced we have untapped and dormant reserves of leadership potential throughout our culture that we sorely need to activate, Gardner queries: "How do you send out a call to the unawakened leaders?
What Trungpa contends here is that the past and the future may be experienced as real but they are, in truth, no more than misperceptions generated by an unawakened mind.
That we find life frustrating, one damn problem after another, is not accidental, because it is the nature of an unawakened mind to be bothered about something.
Be through my lips to unawakened earth The trumpet of prophecy
61) The Buddha's teachings regarding "the interdependence of reality, detachment, and nonviolence" are understood "as realizations, graspable to some extent by the unawakened, but practicable in a consistent manner and self-evident only to the awakened.
These findings regarding periodic, unaware brain sleep states provide interesting neurophysiological support to the Buddhist, Sufi, and Gnostic ideas concerning the unawakened consciousness of normal existence.
I scarce ever spoke more earnestly here of the love of God in Christ than last night; but it was after I had been tearing the unawakened in pieces.
The overt argument here blames him for reawakening life only to send her back again, but in the reference to her unconsciousness there is the possibility of an undercurrent of complaint about the unawakened woman's peaceful, unconscious life that is disturbed by art.