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Synonyms for unauthorized

Synonyms for unauthorized

not endowed with authority

without official authorization

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Security chips can be used to disable a laptop in the event an unauthorized user tries to gain access, while also sending out an audio distress signal.
Insurance Gap Analysis -- Assess current insurance policies in terms of coverage for financial loss arising out of unauthorized access or use of confidential information, damage to third-party software or data as well as damage to the business network or data.
Storage media protection and authentication functionality ensures that secondary storage can meet the recovery needs of enterprises without the risk and expense of unauthorized data access.
Encrypted e-mail opened by an unauthorized recipient would appear to be gibberish.
Their designers were more concerned with locking out legitimate users who forgot their passwords than unauthorized users.
Continuous Change Detection - Unlike products that take periodic "snapshots" of monitored systems, Active Reasoning System 5 offers realtime detection, logging and alerting of unauthorized changes and out-of-compliance actions to facilitate remediation.
Those threats include the hacking of the port that can take a device down, existing services that allow unauthorized access (such as telnet, ftp, http and others), hidden services that create a back door around a secure IP configuration, OS imperfections, IP port connection hijacking that causes a denial of service attack, and more.
This service allows companies to stop unauthorized automated clearing house (ACH) debits before they hit their accounts, helping to protect them from fraudulent transactions
Effective July 1, entities or persons doing business in California will be required to notify California residents if their personal information--contained in databases under their control--may have been acquired by unauthorized people through a security breach.
Perhaps they are unaware that the United States Constitution directed Congress to pass laws to ensure that the creators of original works had the `exclusive right' to their work and prohibited their unauthorized exploitation by others for financial gain.
2-Definitions, under 2(m) Unauthorized Electronic Fund Transfer, a new paragraph 5.
Each boiler is equipped with individual sensors that monitor high/low water temperature set points, the presence of smoke in the chamber, the switching on of the boiler safety alert, high water levels in the sump area, and unauthorized intrusions.
An Internet bookseller which also operated an Internet communications service was charged in federal court last week with intercepting electronic communications and the unauthorized possession of password files.
The addendum (see "The COSO Report: A New Addendum Results in GAO Endorsement," JofA, July94, page 18) defines a new internal control category, "internal control over safeguarding of assets against unauthorized acquisition, use or disposition.