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a sloth of Central America that has two long claws on each forefoot and three long claws on each hindfoot

relatively small fast-moving sloth with two long claws on each front foot

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Sloths are particularly vulnerable in areas where forests are being cut down, says Tinka Plese, director of the UNAU Foundation in Medellin, Colombia.
The UNAU Foundation, the Aviarios del Caribe private wildlife refuge in Costa Rica (known locally as the "sloth sanctuary"), and other groups take in rescued, abandoned, or injured sloths, rehabilitate them, and seek to return them to the wild.
The first step in deepening cooperation between NATO and the AU should be the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two organizations, similar to that proposed by the UN secretary-general for UNAU relations.
De otro lado, para medir la sosteniblidad existen propuestas eclecticas, no inscritasen unau otroenfoque dedesarrollo sosteniblepero dancuenta sobreel estado de los recursos naturales y condiciones socioeconomicas de una region.
Sea unau otra, nos aparece un criterio de juicio sobre cualquier sociedad concreta: el de si posibilita a todos los miembros de la sociedad la reproduccion y desarrollo de su vida.