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an ugliness of appearance that is not appealing to viewers

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It remains to be seen whether, given the current statistics, measures will be taken to address the lack of pharmacies in certain areas of the country, which has been attributed to the unattractiveness of the setting up of pharmacies due to margins.
In summary, appraiser opinions reported by them were (1) proximity to power lines reduces home value by about 10% and (2) reasons for the value diminution are unattractiveness, health concerns, and sound.
The unattractiveness of the Respondent's position in this connection is readily apparent.
the Timberwolf frame, combined with the custom top ends, has allowed Lone Wolf to transcend the inherent unattractiveness of the Glock design.
Our fear is that the scheme's potential to help insulate small firms from future energy cost increases will be lost due to the unattractiveness of the scheme for non-domestic users.
Social conversations about the attractiveness of white skin or, conversely, the unattractiveness of dark skin are widespread in marital and sexual relationships.
Whereas the other respondents alluded to black or too-black features as being a negative "extreme" that incites unattractiveness, Dan articulated that perceived unattractiveness as a sign of masculinity.
One of the major complaints among women and men is the unattractiveness associated with cellulite.
Many COOCs attribute the cause of ethnic/racial crimes against Chinese individuals to the unattractiveness and powerlessness of Chinese culture in the host society.
It's not the first time Mugly has been recognized for his unattractiveness.
One of the main obstacles in brownfield development is its unattractiveness to developers, de-contamination that is required, providing a longterm strategy for its use and cost-effectiveness which often renders sites unviable.
The reasons for such a small number of brokerage firms not only include the strict requirements, but also the unattractiveness of the market itself.
Yet despite the unattractiveness of Mavis's personality - and her wardrobe - Charlize says that of all her roles, this is the one she would most like to revisit.
The inadequate adjustment in sexual attitudes revealed by the overweight adolescent girls in our study could be a result of dissatisfaction with their bodies, resulting in feelings of unattractiveness in comparison with the cultural 'standards' imposed by Western society.
It is hard to justify spending all that money to investors, given Mars' unattractiveness as a resource or destination.