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an ugliness of appearance that is not appealing to viewers

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Little work has been done in the field of marketing research in relation to attractiveness or unattractiveness (e.
The development on the Bolton Street frontage is even more extreme in its mediocrity in conception, and its singular unattractiveness.
The narrator in The House of the Seven Gables, for instance, ridicules Hepzibah for her unattractiveness, unfashionability, and her belief in her significance as a gentlewoman, but this narrator also appears to denigrate efforts at self-reliance, to admire the villain JafFrey Pyncheon's consummate respectability, and to deplore scandalous talk "that must not stain our page" (2:123), all poses that the novel clearly undermines.
While I demonstrated the unattractiveness of the side part, my boy confessed to me that he had always wanted to understand the nature of love, of affection, of isolation, of depression.
He referred to unattractiveness of the Oil Ministry's current oil contract models as a stumbling block in the way of attracting foreign investment adding the committee he heads has spent more than 3.
This includes the large unbanked population as well as unattractiveness and accessibility issues related to priority sector lending despite the continuous efforts of the central bank and Government to develop the technology and infrastructure needed to reach out to remote areas.
Regarding the perceived unattractiveness of Africa as an investment destination because of great risks and conflicts, how many established industries or commercial concerns were destroyed, incapacitated or confiscated in Africa over the last 30 years?
Climate change and problems with irrigation further contribute to the unattractiveness of agricultural land in the country," he stressed.
The US lifestyle discourages individuals from coming to do postdoctoral study, as does the relative unattractiveness of benefits and working conditions provided to postdoctoral researchers.
It remains to be seen whether, given the current statistics, measures will be taken to address the lack of pharmacies in certain areas of the country, which has been attributed to the unattractiveness of the setting up of pharmacies due to margins.
the Timberwolf frame, combined with the custom top ends, has allowed Lone Wolf to transcend the inherent unattractiveness of the Glock design.
Our fear is that the scheme's potential to help insulate small firms from future energy cost increases will be lost due to the unattractiveness of the scheme for non-domestic users.
Social conversations about the attractiveness of white skin or, conversely, the unattractiveness of dark skin are widespread in marital and sexual relationships.
But Alexander's sympathies are less engaged when considering the balanced unattractiveness of Russell and Lawrence.
Whereas the other respondents alluded to black or too-black features as being a negative "extreme" that incites unattractiveness, Dan articulated that perceived unattractiveness as a sign of masculinity.