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in an unattractive manner

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The 80s Trax was a crude product for certain, with half doors, and and unattractively angular body with a canvas top.
This flexibility protects the issuer from being locked in to a high rate of interest when rates have softened and protects the investor from having a commitment to an unattractively priced asset for an indefinite period.
She also appeared to condone drug-taking by tweeting "I really wanna make a batch of hash brownies" (a type of cake containing cannabis, M'Lud) and boasting she intended to get "painfully and oh so unattractively drunk.
He pointed out that even if short-term lending is an unattractively low margin business today, it might become less so as savers and borrowers shift their activity from money funds to banks.
This is due to the lack of understanding about nonconventional sources, guarantee requirements, doubts about long-term profitability, the unpredictable prices of renewable electricity in the spot market, unattractively low prices in power purchasing agreements (PPA), and the availability of alternatives in the conventional sector with lower risks and higher profitability--due largely, though never mentioned, to environmental and social costs being externalized.
A rushed and unattractively animated prologue lays out the film's underlying mythology, involving a race of giants who have spent centuries vowing revenge on the humans who banished them to Gantua, their kingdom in the clouds.
The ML has over generations shed its unattractively rounded exteriors and the 2012 edition looks like a buff teenager that has finally managed to shed most of his baby weight.
Otherwise you'll gather that white substance unattractively called "smegma," which has an odor, unpleasant to anybody.
Although unattractively low yields played a part, investors worried about the rising cost of bailouts as more euro zone countries come under attack.
Her odds are likely to be unattractively short as a result, but her presence should ensure that Landaman is a backable price.
If you're paying only 8[cents] or 10[cents] per kWh, the payback period for solar panels would be unattractively long.
Beth looms unattractively over yet away from this text, as if disavowing her own discontent, her unflattering scowl mimicking the angle of Tamara's seductive glances throughout the graphic novel.
However, due to the current high price of railcars, relevant companies are unattractively valued.
Currently, due to the unattractively high price, foreign ship operators usually bunker in Shanghai port only in emergency situations and for newly launched vessels from Chinese shipyards.