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While Moscoso Puello was not seeking to depict, centrally, the relationship between Dominicans and Haitians, he does suggest the idea that they were both involved in an affective triangle with an unattackable Other, the United States.
Although the category of sovereignty, in its classic Hobbesian form, functions for all modern states, and in primis for those in Europe, we are here in the presence of a sovereignty underlined by its belief in substantiating itself in an unattackable or impervious country.
Instead of the prospect of an overwhelming German presence that seemed unattackable on the European continent, Hitler had taken on a foe with enormous potential--if, a huge if, the Russians could hold out or even pose a challenge to the Germans.
1 (1995) (noting that although under French law arbitration clauses have become "virtually unattackable," French judges remain relatively wary of FSAs); PARK, supra note 9, at 17-20 (noting that under U.
The desirable candidate had already proven himself, his name was honourable, his integrity unattackable, and his reputation stainless.